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Where can I find a Polish food shop in central London?

26 Mar 2007 #1
well maybe if you say what it is that would be helpful!

Ok, put it in this way: where can I find a Polish food shop in central London?? I live in Fulham.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
26 Mar 2007 #2
I dont really know Fulham to be honest, but there are tons of Polish food shops in London.. seems like a new one springs up just about every day. Hammersmith is pretty near to you and there are plenty there.. just ask around and you will find.. dont know if they will have your cakes though.

ive just found this for you:

Polish Specialities
226-228 King Street Hammersmith W6
Polish Specialities is quickly becoming a shop of choice for London Poles. A chain od Polish Specialities shops have been popping up in the South London soon after Poland joined EU in 2004. Branches also:

Streatham High Road (close to St.Leonard's Church)
73 Stockwell Road SW9 9PY

30 Streatham High Road, Streatham London SW16
Continental Delicatessen.
Good selection of Polish meats, sausages, pickles, vodkas, cakes, confectionery and cooking ingredients.

258 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0SP, Tel. 0208 741 8268
Open 10am-10pm Monday to Saturday and 11am- 8pm on Sundays.
Polish food shop, offering good selection of meats and sausages, pickles, cakes and confectionery.
A restaurant at the back is nicely decorated in Polish wooden country style and offers comforting, filling food at reasonable prices.
3 Mar 2016 #3
Merged: Polish food in London

For all you polish people living in London, I'm doing some market research and was asked to find out if there is a demand for zapiekanki in London, We've done some browsing and realised there are multiple polish shops yet polish food such as zapiekanki, gofry etc. are yet to hit the streets, so if these foods were available in a coffee shop near you, would you consider buying them? Thanks.
26 Apr 2016 #4
I'm moving to Barnes Richmond. Where's the closest Polish Shop? Would it be Putney?

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