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Expired Polish passport; will the English one suffice?

tracey10 1 | 1
16 Jan 2010 #1
my boyfriend wants to travel back to poland but his passport has expired. the information in the back of the passport states he can travel back with the expired passport. but does anyone know if the english airport will make a problem? thanks
convex 20 | 3,973
16 Jan 2010 #2
Can Poles travel to and from the UK on an ID card?
kredi - | 4
16 Jan 2010 #3
The ID card is enough. Since Poland joined EU Poles don't need a passport to travel between Poland and UK. So your boyfriend will be perfectly fine with his ID card (this plastic one, of course).
OP tracey10 1 | 1
16 Jan 2010 #4
oh yea forgot to say, he lost his id card ages ago. reported it 2 the police though. what u think his chances are?
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
16 Jan 2010 #5
My advice would be to ring airlines or look on their web sites, but if it says he can travel on an expired passport then Im sure its possible for a return journey to his home country.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
16 Jan 2010 #6
apply for a new passport or id card at the Polish embassy if it turns out you can't travel on an expired passport. i doubt you can.
20 Aug 2018 #7

HELP - Polish Passport / ID Expired!

I'm an English man living with my Polish wife and our daughter in England. I've booked a surprise holiday for Saturday (4 days from now), but now I see that my wife's passport / ID expired last month!

Is there ANY way we can obtain emergency travel documents in such a short space of time and how do we go about it?

terri 1 | 1,664
21 Aug 2018 #8
Go to the Embassy
MarkC 6 | 20
21 Aug 2018 #9

Sorry, but unfortunately Poland doesn't offer such a service. Unless your wife is also a UK passport holder then there is the same day service where you can go and wait in line to get it done there and then.

I know this because my girlfriend's children recently needed passports very quickly and there is no expedite service.

However, something that's just sprung to mind, your wife probably has an ID card (hopefully not expired). If your travelling within the EU she can use that.

Best of luck.


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