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More "exotic" verb+noun collocations for advanced student of English?

Teffle 22 | 1,319
30 Sep 2010 #1
I'm finding it difficult to get hold of extensive examples or lists.

I'm talking about things like to cast aspersions, to undergo treatment, to undertake a task.

Anyone any pointers?

Also, if anyone has any ideas on other lesson agendas for an advanced student I would appreciate it. Her vocab is good, she has a solid understanding of tenses and her general grammar is good (syntax etc).

Phrasal verbs are always worth revising and I guess she can't have too much vocabulary...

What about English words that there are no direct Polish equivalents for?

There must be a few - e.g. shrug is one as far as I know.

Any more?
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
30 Sep 2010 #2
to cast aspersions -- poddawać w wątpliwość, oczerniać
to undergo treatment -- poddać się leczeniu
to undertake a task -- podjąć zadanie
to shrug -- wzruszyć ramionami
OP Teffle 22 | 1,319
30 Sep 2010 #3
to shrug -- wzruszyć ramionami

Oh ok, thanks. Is it a direct equivalent though? I was told there wasn't one. Does the above not just mean "lift shoulders" or something? maybe not.

Anyway, on the other stuff, you misunderstand - I'm looking for the English collocations in order to teach to a Pole. e.g. you don't throw aspersions but castthem etc
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
30 Sep 2010 #4
If you meant to shrug off, then that would be like zlekceważyć or in current slang olać (literally to urinate upon).
I see your point -- throw is the literal verb and cast is used in upper-shelf collocations. Polish has also got different words for throw, rzucać being the most common one; ciskać is used to covney hurling insults. But for the notion of casting aspersions we say poddawać w wątpliwość (to throw into doubt) or maybe ciskać oszczerstwa (to hurl slander).

By now all this is probably mud?
OP Teffle 22 | 1,319
30 Sep 2010 #5
Precisely! LOL

I don't need to know the Polish vocab - it is English lists of these verb+noun collocations that I'm looking for , not Polish !!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,366
30 Sep 2010 #6
this seems to work ok:
sausage 19 | 775
30 Sep 2010 #7 is good at providing lots of examples of phrasal verbs and idiomatic usage
e.g. crack
OP Teffle 22 | 1,319
1 Oct 2010 #8
Thanks sausage & Wroclaw.

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