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English to Polish translator for a wedding in UK (Buckinghamshire) needed

24 Oct 2010 #1
Hi! I am polish and my fionce english. We are getting married in August in Buckinghamshire. Is there anyone with an advice of where to find a wedding translator/interpreter please? Thank you, Jagoda.
Polanglik 11 | 303
25 Oct 2010 #2
What part of the wedding do you need translated/interpreted.... the wedding vows .... speeches ??
jaggie1 - | 2
25 Oct 2010 #3
Hi! I can translate all written stuff myself. Its mainly the reception that i am concerned about. Speaches, entertainers, etc. Thank you.
Polanglik 11 | 303
26 Oct 2010 #4
I guess you're going to have mostly a mixture of English (not understanding Polish) and Polish (not understanding English) guests .....

It sounds a bit like my wedding, where my wife is Polish and I am of Polish parents but born in London, England.
We had the wedding in Poland, and for the reception we decided not to have the traditional English after dinner speeches from the best man, father of the bride and the groom; instead both my wife and I gave a speech with my wife doing the Polish version and I did the English.

Good luck with your wedding :o)
Chicago Pollock 7 | 503
26 Oct 2010 #5
Have one wedding but two receptions. One in England and one in Poland.
jaggie1 - | 2
27 Oct 2010 #6
Hi! Thats exactly what we are doing :-) yey - wearing my dress twice :-) but my closest family will be round for the wedding in the uk too.

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