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Why English do not like Polish?

24 Aug 2010 #91
Thank you Sir and have a pleasant evening. Bed calls ;-)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Aug 2010 #92
Hehehe, typical old-style Englishman :) :) And a goodnight to you to, old chap :) English gentlemen are thoroughly likeable sorts, mainly in the sphere of music :)
A J 4 | 1,088
24 Aug 2010 #93
Well if we gonna start to talk language, culture etc etc then you can include the whole Europe, instead of just saying Western europe bla bla...

I agree.

Tired of people who are so uneducated and still use the political form "western" "eastern" europe that dissapeared in the late 80's.

Uneducated? I think you're mistaking me for someone else there. I'm only throwing around certain terminology since so many people here obviously like to emphasize all the so-called differences between us, probably in some vain attempt to prove they're so much better or something. I don't have that inferiority complex, so it would be very nice if you could get over yours aswell.


I thought Fresians were cows, A J ;) ;)

You mean horses.

Amathyst 19 | 2,702
24 Aug 2010 #94
You mean horses.

Not in Britain:

  • Moo
Ironside 50 | 10,934
24 Aug 2010 #95
Not in Britain:

gee mad cow!!!!
A J 4 | 1,088
24 Aug 2010 #96
Not in Britain:

That's a Friesian. Not a Fresian. Not a Frisian. Friesian. (Not even mentioning that it's probably not even a West-Fresian!)

Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Aug 2010 #97
Och, come on lad, it's pretty close ;)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
24 Aug 2010 #98
We knew what we meant ;0)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Aug 2010 #99
And that's what counts :)
George8600 10 | 637
25 Aug 2010 #100
from the same area of the moral compass


Since France, Germany and Poland got more genetic bounds then they do with England, Sweden etc etc.

How inaccurate is that map?

Poland shares little to no haplogroups with Western Europe, if anything they have much more in common with Scandinavia...

Please read that...and all of it.

Also how did genetics come up as a topic? You people honestly don't think that good relations amongst people has something to do with the genes? How fascist...
26 Mar 2011 #101
Yes they are very hard working. I know I'vwe woeked on building for 2 years and they got SOOOOOOOO tired of being in charge and watching English guys or Romanians or Lithuanians doing the hard work.

Real little madams they are. until you tell them where to get off.
Kind of on your neck or on their knees folks.

Not sorry about above comments. Anyone welcome to spend a day with those " Hard working fellows"
stinkybugger - | 56
14 Apr 2011 #102
just a quick question i though i ask here on forum as it seems like lots of englsh people posting. so-why english people doesn't like polish - especially polish emigrants in uk. kinda weird as i didn't observe this with reference to other immigrants in uk, i'd rather prefer to avoid word hate but maybe it should be used here;

I'm british and I don't hate or dislike the polish, infact there isn't any nationality that I dislike.
It's not about the nationality it's the person regardless of where they may be from.
I think you are generalising. There may be and probably are some people that dislike polish folk but there are always going to be haters out there, whether it is hating polish people, germans, russians, asians, africans, west indians, aussies, kiwis, irish. There will always be more people out there that are not haters and you must remember this.

Sometimes people lack education or are ignorant and possibly scared, some are just thick. Forgive them and enjoy life with the majority of the welcoming.
southern 75 | 7,096
14 Apr 2011 #103
why english do not like polish

Because polish have better teeth.
6 Oct 2011 #104
Because of threads like this, with the false notion of inherent immigrant superiority over us. We are not lazy, but greedy businesses don't want to pay a living wage, so the only people who can afford to do the jobs are immigrants who live dozens to a flat or house. There are plenty of English people who will do the jobs, but want a decent day's pay for an honest day's work. You all accuse us of steryotyping you, then do the precise same thing to us, in our own country to add insult to injury! Any English person who's had the expirience of being looked at like rubbish by some bloody immigrant in his own homeland, and who refuses to speak English with him he understands why we don't like you. You won't even shop in the same places we do, you want your own stores. And our economy would not collapse without you, so don't even try that stupid false argument.
technik888 - | 2
13 Oct 2011 #105
but polish people hate on the abroaqd the most polish people.
English are much better for polish people than polish to polish
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
13 Oct 2011 #106
so-why english people doesn't like polish - especially polish emigrants in uk.

English people used to like Polish people, but way too many came over during too short a period of time. It's completely understandable why there is increasing resentment these days. Most people in Poland don't understand why this is the case, but the longer you remain in the EU, the sooner you will come to understand ;)

I've been a victim of anti-Polish comments on quite a few occasions myself, but unlike certain other communities, I don't go crying to the hate crime police.
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
14 Oct 2011 #107
why english do not like polish

Because despite it only being three friggin letters most of you still have not got the hang of using "THE" in any sentences !!!! :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
14 Oct 2011 #108
I've been a victim of anti-Polish comments on quite a few occasions myself

Would you mind telling us, was it something that was said to you verbally or a written hate message?
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
15 Oct 2011 #109
and did any of these take place before 2004?
lm467 - | 1
15 Apr 2012 #110

My reason for not like the Polish as a Mixed raced educated person with a JOB (just before everyone assumes that EVERY British person doesn't like migrant workers. I don't care where you're from when you're here. Just work and speak English to a working functioning level...and integrate) is their general rudeness. As a culture, and maybe it's a language thing, but the English are mostly polite and considerate. The vast majority are open and willing to learn. The section of the British population that don't like the Polish for taking jobs here are the people we Brits ourselves don't particularly like.

My reasoning is that there is little integration, or efforts to integrate. There is HUGE hostility from the males and the women just don't try at all. This experience is coming from the people I currently live with (and am hoping to leave as soon as humanly possible), being the boss of a group of polish workers years ago before I went to university (a 19 year old college student was the boss of 10 Polish folk at a cleaning company...we can't be that lazy as a nation!) and living in London for a good while as Manchester and Southampton.

I'm sure it's just a cultural thing...but an overwhelming amount of people from ALL OVER THE WORLD who live in London particularly...don't like the Polish BECAUSE the Polish don't particularly like anyone...or want to.

It's a known fact that the Polish don't like the black/brown folks like myself (mixed while and black). So yeah I've had some nasty comments for no reason, and I'm a very very quiet man.

ALSO, I got mugged at gunpoint by a pair of Polish guys...thanks for coming over to the UK to steal my things and almost blind me in one eye!!!!

Granted the above could of happened to anyone anywhere...but it happened in a place where they'd come to prey on students (Cambridge) **** that!

You're not liked because you don't WANT to fit in, you're rude and frankly don't want to be here...

This has nothing to do with "you taking all the jobs".

You didn't take my job. I'm a freelance illustrator. None of my friends are about you "taking all the jobs". You affect very small portion of the UK populous. You affect very few educated people...and in England, so many folks have figure.

Integrate, stop being so angry, stop committing crimes and stop being racist and rude!

It's not often that the one thing several racial groups that often have their own tensions group together to dislike 1 group that has somehow managed to **** EVERYONE off! We like the rest of Europe. It's just a couple of countries no one has any time for anymore.
Hipis - | 227
16 Apr 2012 #111
Im467, you're funny. You could have written that about any immigrant group. Just change the wording around, eg Afro-Carribean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc etc and you have yourself a template to have a go at anyone. Poles aren't perfect but we're no worse than any other groups that have settled in the UK in the last 60-70 years.
Bieganski 17 | 901
16 Apr 2012 #112

You really have tried to paint yourself to be a morally superior victim.

Your tale of woe regarding a few bad run-ins reminded me of this quite recent article: "Teenager jailed for attacking Malaysian student during London riots - Beau Isagba, 18, who broke Ashraf Rossli's jaw in two places and stole his bike sentenced to seven years in prison"

Here is the one passage in the article which is of particular relevance to your screed against Poles living in Britain: "Judge Witold Pawlak, sitting at Wood Green crown court in north London, said that 54 months of the total of 84 months he was imposing, to be served in a young offenders' institution, were for the attack on Rossli."

Yes indeed, how fitting that a UK judge of Polish origin should be the one to hand down a very lengthy prison sentence to a native Briton who viciously assaulted a student from Malaysia; which you should know is a member of the Commonwealth.

Judge Pawlak is only one of the many thousands of Poles whom you never heard of who have quietly but successfully immigrated, integrated and contributed to British society as well as other societies all around the world.

I suggest you learn more about your own country and fellow citizens of foreign birth living there before you make and then spread such ill informed opinions about Poland and the Poles.
Mark71 1 | 9
22 Apr 2012 #113
Nobody likes English people
5 Dec 2013 #114
Merged: Increasing hate towards Poles in UK & the rest of Europe

Recently reading most of publications about criisis in UK, everyone can deem that this is all Poles fault:
- social welfare scam;
- stealing jobs of local people (jobs they would never do because they don't want or they don't have qualifications to do);
Very soon Poles will be blamed for every bad thing in this World. Situation is quite serious as such words about Poles you can hear from British prime minister and all elites, who just a couple of months ago praised Poles for being active on job market, for decent work ethic, for wanting to work and making life better for themselves and contribute to local economy.

Everything in light of thousands of very often illegal immigrants from Middle East, Asia and Africa living permanently on benefits, not willing to work at all. Also in light o thousands of young Brits no willing to do any job, any training course.

It is being forget that only 2% of unemployed Poles in UK and other countries are taking any benefits (which they are entitled to as the rest o society - working and paying taxes, social insurance). It is being forget how much poles contribute to the local economy in many other ways, what is the percentage of GDP thanks to Polish workers and Polish companies, distribution of goods on Polish market.

What is in us, Poles, that they are hated so much?
5 Dec 2013 #115
If the unemployed British wanted to work they'd find a job. it's really easy in the UK. but they prefer to blame Polish immigrants because they enjoy living on benefits. I have a friend who's recruiting people to work in Primark. she said that Job centre offers a lot of young unemployed British to be recruited in Primark but they do EVERYTHING to fail the tests. or maybe they are too dumb to pass them if even immigrants who often don't speak English are successful. i was working in England for 3 months during my holidays. The English workers were always doing nothing.chattig to each other, hiding in the cellar, playing on the phone. It was a job in a restaurant. we had to clean after the shift but the English princesses 'd never do it even though we were paid the same money. my English boss said he didn't want any English people anymore. it wasn't a work camp. very easy job in a very cosy restaurant.but the only people who were really working there were the immigrants - from Poland, Slovakia, Australia.
TaiCat 1 | 30
5 Dec 2013 #116
Not all English are like this, I worked with many good people who did they jobs right and cared for their work ethic. But often the bums from chav-ish background were those who slacked and avoided any work.

One thing I hate is how the Chavs raise kids into prejudiced and spoiled brats who think that they can get everything as long as they blame others for their 'misfortune'. I had chance to be in England during summer 2011 when the riots, ahem, looting broke. I went the next day to clean Manchester with other volunteers and we met a lady who's jewelry shop was all robbed, she was devastated.

At that time I watched the BBC and I couldn't contain my laugh and disgust at the same time when I heard the interviewer asking a random mancunian chav 'Why are you doing this?'

His response was something along the lines of 'Coz fokin Polish they take ar jobs we R so poor (wearing Lacoste tracksuit no less)!color%3DPUF&cgid=1109000&i=19
we hav to do it ' (btw he missed the whole point as the riots in London broke down because of a protest for police shooting some gangsta dude).

It was also reported that they used free BlackBerry Messenger to contact each other about locations of shops, that means if they could afford a BlackBerry (which was expensive in 2011) they aren't so poor as they claim, them benefits are good enough for them
5 Dec 2013 #117
of course not all are like that. just the ones who talk the most about filthy immigrants.
Ironside 50 | 10,934
5 Dec 2013 #118
British don't hate they grumble and the rest of Europe hate everything and everybody including themselves.
Wulkan - | 3,250
5 Dec 2013 #119
At that time I watched the BBC and I couldn't contain my laugh and disgust at the same time when I heard the interviewer asking a random mancunian chav 'Why are you doing this?'
His response was something along the lines of 'Coz fokin Polish they take ar jobs we R so poor (wearing Lacoste tracksuit no less) we hav to do it'

And the funnies part is that the chav was black who spoke worse English than the Polish expat like myself :-)
Wroclaw Boy
5 Dec 2013 #120
Recently reading most of publications about criisis in UK, everyone can deem that this is all Poles fault:

It was much worse in 2006/2007

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