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Why English do not like Polish?

paul thompson - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #361
Hitler wanted all of us dead . You clearly feel your special and would have been spared being killed or being enslaved by the nazis
14 Oct 2016 #362
Exactly, so don't come on the web proclaiming the Poles did this and that for the British.

It was called a world war for a reason.

Use what little brain you have yeah.
paul thompson - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #363
What little brain I have ? 2 mjns ago you said your grandfather died because he fought for the poles NOW it was a world war and I have a little brain ! Get a life and some brains yourself
dolnoslask 6 | 3,539
14 Oct 2016 #364
"And finally, why did I never get to meet my grandfather ?."

That hurts me too, sad history we have.
Crow 146 | 9,097
14 Oct 2016 #365
It was called a world war for a reason.

but more appropriate term would be `World Bank War`. Both, first and second. Plus third
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
14 Oct 2016 #366
Poles and Poland have indeed been much maligned throughout history, especially in the recent past! First it was the German Templars, later the Russians und the Czar, eventually the Nazis, then the Communists, and finally the PiS is threatening to ruin the country's albeit fragile, to be sure hard-won, democratic freedoms.

What's next? Well, as throughout much of the continent already, the US-(anti-)culture threatens to overtake Poland:-)
Ironside 50 | 10,934
14 Oct 2016 #367
Looks like it can go both ways:

What goes both ways?
You're going in circles and that is a fact. I just want to know when will you eat a humble pie. Poland has got more than million immigrants in a relatively short time. Nothing happened, nothing like uk. You have said many times few years back that is a question of numbers, you were wrong.


savage racist attack

Typical PC BS. If anything that would be xenophobic attack. I doubt that was even that just a low life drunks in action.
I would say that could be a result of acculturation, females in Poland rarely behave in such a manner.

People have very short memories clearly

Very short, only two years after the end of the war there was action with slogans - Poles go home. ( in 1947 or was it 1946)
Not to worry, such is a life.

because this country went to war with Germany because it invaded Poland

No, 'this country went to war' because wanted to, for their own reasons. Disliked the idea of Europe in the German hands maybe.

Why did my grandfather leave my grandmother to die in a field in another country ?.

You're full of it Mr Whoever-you-are. Why would anyone believe a word you say? If we would assume that you're not lying this time the answer is simple - cause his government send him there.


the Poles did this and that for the British.

Well, that is the truth of it. Maybe they deluded themselves that they were doing it for their own country but in fact they were defending Britain and dying for Britain. Had to pay for all the weapon they used in defence of that country. You better recognize it for what it was. No, you don't have to thank Poles be grateful or anything. Just don't be a dick about it by denying facts.
ender 5 | 398
14 Oct 2016 #368
Why did they do that Paul ?.

They wanted to fight them anyway anywhere they could.

Why was the Polish government in exile in the UK ?

Protecting British interests so some information wouldn't leak.

Why did my grandfather leave my grandmother to die in a field in another country ?

Has been forced or convinced by your government and fed up of his hoe so he chose to rather die.

Why did my mother yearn for her father all her life?

Couldn't find another looser to bare with her.

And finally, why did I never get to meet my grandfather ?

I think final drop was your dady being born.
No your conclusion is wrong. Let me tell you your country was big nazism sympathiser in whole Europe, they never wanted to fight for Poland and never did in fact they were fighting for influence in Europe. Your country was dealing with Germany tricked Poland with fake treaty secretly dealing with Nazis but they get Enigma from Poles so they could read real German plans toward Britons so they tricked German too. Then they used Polish Military for own purpose and they took 100 tons of Polish Gold as a payment for armour. Then they killed member of Royal Family and Polish Prime Minister and destroyed own ship to kill others with that knowledge. Sold Poland with new borders to Soviets. Polish soldiers unable to return to Soviet occupied Poland were bullied and forced to move abroad.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
14 Oct 2016 #369
The difference though remains that England was bombed terribly, Poland wasn't touched:-) Of course, this is scarcely to imply that there wasn't major

fighting in Poland, not to add, almost irreparable damage to a number of her major cities.
To be sure, Poland was NOT an "occupied country", as was France, Czechoslovakia, Norway, and Denmark, but (like Great Britain), she never had a Nazi puppet government as did Hungary under Messrs. Szillasy and Horthy, the Czechs (Dr. Emil Hacha) and the Romanians under the infamous Iron Guard (Valerian Triffa)!
dolnoslask 6 | 3,539
14 Oct 2016 #370
"England was bombed terribly, Poland wasn't touched:" Lol

"Poland was NOT an "occupied country" Lol.

"To be sure, Poland was NOT an "occupied country" lol

Where do these kids get their history books from these days.

"Lyzko " you need to get out more and talk to the people who were there at the time.

Look up Hans Frank for a start.

I am amazed that someone with a good grasp of the Polish language knows so little about the country or its history.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
14 Oct 2016 #371
Hans Frank, Arthur Greiser, and Bernhard Foerstner were to be sure "OCCUPIERS", I never denied or even implied that they weren't, yet there was never an interim puppet gov't. in Poland!!! Perhaps you didn't grasp the latter part of what I meant:-)

Furthermore, there was an open and virulent resistance movement in Poland, of which, sadly, many of us remain grossly unaware.
jon357 66 | 16,960
14 Oct 2016 #372
Poland has got more than million immigrants in a relatively short time.

No, I-S, Britain got a million Poles in a short time. If a million people came from one far away country to Poland there would be blood on the streets.

I would say that could be a result of acculturation, females in Poland rarely behave in such a manner.

Rubbish. It was a hate crime and your view of young women in Poland is very out of touch - when did you last life here? 20 or 30 years ago.
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #374
I just spent 3 days in the uk. Didn't see or hear any racism. I only saw people rolling their eyes in the back of their heads at the mess of uk political in-fighting. I never liked the place just too busy and too crowded it's probably that I have been spoiled living in relaxed oz. It was a very short trip and busy so can't say I had a chance for much. Didn't meet a single polish person so I dont know where these swarms are? Saw plenty of turbans though. I got the feeling that all this is just made up. Never going back again, done there. My wife wants to go on holiday to scotland next year but we wont be going to England. I guess if the english hate the polish its the poor and I will never meet them so oh well not my problem. The most hate I have seen is on this forum and basically nowhere else.
jon357 66 | 16,960
15 Oct 2016 #375
if the english hate the polish

Most don't. The same sort of people who are xenophobic there are the same sort of people who are xenophobic here in Poland. Haters will hate, that's hard to stop.
15 Oct 2016 #376
I am from the North East Of England, English and voted leave. The main reason is that the EU was designed to create a cohesive set of countries with the same political outlook, promote European values and increase prosperity, as we were taught by school and the media growing up. It appears a lot of the countries that have joined the EU since the late 90's concentrated on freedom of movement, hence the huge influx in Germany, France and especially the UK, as these were the most attractive countries, This was not how the UK originally envisaged the EU and a big reason why some of my family and friends voted to leave. The only contribution we see (rightly or wrongly) is groups of Eastern Europeans, not speaking English and working menial jobs traditionally taken by school leavers who did not go to college. There is also the lack of integration and the assumption that Polish in particular are here to live permanently in the UK. The hope is that work permits will be introduced and on a quote. This will allow for cohesive planning of future migration and ensure work is only taken where needed

There is no hate for Polish, but 831000 polish born speakers is too much, and this was probably the largest single cause of Brexit, There is no moderation and far too many people coming in without jobs. If Poland had a yearly net migration of 300-500,000 then you would understand. (in addition to all other countries)
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
15 Oct 2016 #377
Brits miss their Empire, let's face it! Since they can't return to "Rule Britannia!", the Brexit is about the only thing they have left of what is still "British" in England: Pound Sterling, the English Admiralty, and the Queen. Add to that, NO MORE BRUXELLES!!

A slight exaggeration, but more or less sums up the whole mess.

Oh, Maggie would've been proud:-)))
Ironside 50 | 10,934
15 Oct 2016 #378
If a million people came from one far away country to Poland there would be blood on the streets.

Facts proved you wrong! You're clearly in denial.


I haven't exacted anything less from you. Fact is lefties are responsible for blurring difference between racism, xenophobia, criminals and people concerned for their country or confused.


It was a hate crime

Every assault is a hate crime.

your view of young women in Poland

Oh?! Tell us more about females in Poland. What if they went to England with their parents about six, nine or ten years ago, in their teen years or as children. Not possible? Seems likely.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
15 Oct 2016 #379
Knocking some poor bloke over the noggin and pinching his billfold ain't that same as doing so BECAUSE the chap just happens also to be Polish, Hindu or whatever. It's not the same kind of crime, Ironside!
Kittenkotku - | 6
15 Oct 2016 #380
Unless you live in U.K. You have no idea what it's like for the poles over here. So keep out.
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #381
Hi Byre. I understand what you are saying. Its just I dont see it first hand as the only 4 polish people in the uk I know or knew were a doctor, a nurse, an agricultural scientist and a uni lecturer in mathematics. So bit ignorant on my part and they certainly didn't work for any povo wages or do school leavers jobs. I agree that 800, 000 is too many but I also think how many of those are actually educated but cannot get better jobs due to bias. If there is bias how many as you say stick to their communities because they see no future otherwise? If you walk into my company I guarantee that you will get / not get the job based on merit not some other reason. Can you guys say the same? I sincerely doubt it but am open to be proven wrong. My main supervisor I hired over a year ago is english. He brought his family here to escape uk. He could not get a job for 6 months because ozzies would not give him one. What an irony that a guy like me with a polish name gave him one and a good one at that which saved his financial position and dare I say his marriage. Turns out he is great too. Can ypu see why all that is a bit hard to understand for me?
15 Oct 2016 #382
Maybe Marsupial, but I live in the East End of London now. In the North East, the largest recruitment agency is Imperial Recruitment. The major menial jobs are in factories and this agency specficially imports EU workers, for a lower wage. The agency workers work well, but often do two 8 hours shifts in a day, so effectively squeezing out 2 jobs for school leavers who have come through the school system. It is more efficient but not really fair. Visually, immigration is very obvious - try checking out the political problems in Boston, Lincolnshire as a case in point. Polish often gets confused with Eastern European due to the languages sounding similar to English ears, so no slight on the Poles - but combined, immigration is visually very obvious

In the East End, the problem is more acute. You may know workers in more skilled jobs, but the majority of Eastern Europeans in the neighbourhood are in two groups - young men and women with young children. Also a huge amount of middle aged couples who do not integrate (its the age maybe?) - maybe they are all doing PHD level work, but it doesn't seem like it and there was a state recently in the local paper where 45% of new primary school students in the borough are Eastern European

I get your point about jobs being open for everyone. But when immigration is uncontrolled, it is not possible to cater for who will be here tomorrow. the UK is a magnet for work and the educated due to the fact it is iEnglish speaking and there are a lot of jobs - this puts UK born workers at a huge disadvantage. This is why the leave vote, and now Hard Brexit is so popular
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #383
Thanks mate that makes it clearer. I have always said this many people is too many. Besides I don't understand why people would go to a new country just to do that instead of joining it proper. Economically I don't think you guys are doing it right, methinks it could have been handled better with less impact, a lot better but really that's your business.
Kittenkotku - | 6
15 Oct 2016 #384
If you don't want polish people taking your jobs don't give them jobs to take! Simple. If generation upon generations of English men hadn't been so idle none of this would have happened. So they only have themselves to blame. I have English friends who won't do the jobs that the polish guys do, saying it's too long hours and or too little pay. Own fault really.
15 Oct 2016 #385
Exactly, Eastern European workers are more motivated, that's a given. I only came across this site by accident and the headline thread was a bit annoying - we don't really hate the Polish. Prior to around 2007 when there was a mass influx, Poland was held in quite high esteem, beautfiul cities, contribution to the war etc.

The issue is not with how good Polish workers are, but the numbers of migrants, especially whole families and there is a sizeable Eastern European contingent in every town i have been in in the UK, second only to Pakistanis (again, not all Polish). The UK is rich and English speaking so it is a magnet for the whole EU, including in every town and city in the UK and social cohesion is undermined, which is probably more important than a huge economy , more houses, more rail networks etc, as the UK is a very small landmass when you check it.

Perhaps the EU was seen as too much of a good thing for newly ascended poorer countries and when they joined, no one knew how many would migrate. It is a lot higher than anything in the UK's history. If less people rushed over here, then maybe there would not have been a Brexit, but nothing was done in moderation. I am surprised, we are/were a liberal country, but sometimes, some things move too fast and too heavily.

Besides is there not a huge brain drain from Poland? I imagine unemployment in tertiary industries has declined as a result. I also believe ( I work in immigration) that there is huge support for a hard Brexit. Applications for UK passports from non UK nationals is at around 350,000. Prior to this year, the average was 25,000 and I would imagine that if anyone has resided in the UK for less than 5 years since the date Article 50 is triggered, or is not gainfully employed, then they will most likely have to leave the UK or prove ties.

Again, no issues with Polish people, which is the main thrust of my point, but as you both mention, the EU was bad for Britain
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #386
I am willing to accept most your points there. The main thing is it was too quick and not in moderation. That I cannot argue with. You don't really mention in the sphere of jobs how many jobs so many people create. They all use services and all pay money and tax for everything and if ypu are correct about the type of jobs they do this must mean that brits are recipients of those jobs in the next rung. You may get a shock if you come to oz you will notice it is nothing like that. But the problem there is as far as I can see that the jobs are being taken away from the lower rung and whilest I can prove they create ones higher up it still leaves that rung with a problem. This explains the avarage brexiter to me, generalization as it may be I see it is true to some extent.

I think the uk should fix these problems for sure but I just think you are doing it the wrong way and exposing yourselves to worse.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
15 Oct 2016 #387
The English won't do those jobs though. Same as it's always been.
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #388
If you are correct dream girl than there will be a shortage of labour in that lower rung if they leave and the next rung will lose the benefits also of the exra people. A lose lose for the uk.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
15 Oct 2016 #389
Of course. And then we will ship them off abroad like to Australia as they all turn to criminals. Like in the old days.
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #390
I am afraid Australia is not the penal colony now. The uk is. A strange twist of fate indeed.

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