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Why English do not like Polish?

26 Sep 2016 #331
For me I don't hate I just don't like, it,s their attitude trust me especially the men, they say Hello when they really mean Fuch you!! And 90% of them are racist no matter how much they smile at you they can be very Sly like a snake .If you are of a dark brown complexion colour and dating a polish man all will pretend to like you in front of partner and will speak to you good and will ignore you on the street act like they can't see you and **** , and also if they dont like you they will not include you in conversation polish languge all the way Rude. And I know this cos my son is half polish love my son but polish dad biggest mistake of my life

but the 10% are lovely if you can find one.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
26 Sep 2016 #332
Isn't it much the same with ex-pat, monolingual Anglos abroad, many of whom spend literally years in their adopted country and barely learn the language:-)
26 Sep 2016 #333
It's true what I'm saying admit it and stop trying to ignored that fact it,s true. And you know why they can't learn the language cos the people put them off I'd rather visit Afghanistan then go Poland.

You know when the referendum happened polish people especially forgot themselves got it twisted thinking the Skye's was the limit but the limit was the sky .
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
26 Sep 2016 #334
"..The Skye was the limit."

The Isle of Skye, you mean?

Haven't a clue as to what you're talking about, Marther. Maybe you and Mr. Crow here should get together for nonsense fest:-)
26 Sep 2016 #335
There they go pretending lol, that they don't understand I rest my case ********

A lot of Polish people thought they are superior over people of colour but it funny how people who are white like yourself still never excepted you to them you are a foreigner you might as well take the place of a black person know you know how it feels.

Then you on the wrong site.

This is what polish people have shown me and I'm half polish have black I also had to stay in Poland so I know trust me. Most of them are racist don't get it twisted luv not for a second. The polish that is especially the younger generation , I standby what I say cos I have experienced their ture nature rascit snakes 90% of them.
Marsupial - | 886
27 Sep 2016 #336
You don't have to worry most of these racists will get a much higher education than you and you won't be in the same social circle so you won't hear this crap anymore. Hope that helps.
gumishu 11 | 5,603
27 Sep 2016 #337
And you know why they can't learn the language cos the people put them off I'd rather visit Afghanistan then go Poland.

happy staying in Afghanistan Marther :)
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
27 Sep 2016 #338
Betcha can't wait to start learning Pashto (or Deri)!
30 Sep 2016 #339
It's because they are known to be scroungers.
Also a lot are not to be trusted , their reputation of a country of thieves has its basis in truth.
They are the first in the queue to take and take and take, but last in the queue to give.
They are abusing the UKs kindness and hospitality.
No neighborhood wants the Polish, nor needs them.
They are getting the reputation as the Pakis of europe.
English people would much rather have, in their neighbourhoods, black people from the Commonwealth , than the Polish.
Western european countries think badly of the Polish, since the Polish always take, take, take from a country or neighborhood.
The polish are really 3rd world, maybe a developing country. But ! they do not have advanced moral codes on being neighbourly, or doing things for the common good.

I will be glad to see the back of them. they have done absolutely nothing for our community.
and are very two faced, untrustworthy, and they themselves don't want any immigrants in their country.
Kinda low life-ish, backward, thief mentality, tbh..
I'm very glad the UK voted brexit to try and stop the polish parasites from infecting more communities..
Marsupial - | 886
30 Sep 2016 #340
Hey GoHome pm me your email I will be in uk in oct hiring some people boring factory work but I am not a 3rd worlder from the non existant common wealth so I pay proper rates. I may be able tp give you a job you poor broken bastard. Alternately I can just pick your bollocks post to pieces.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
30 Sep 2016 #341
Hear there's jobs as cherry pickers in Kabul)))) And ya don't even have to know English:-)
30 Sep 2016 #342
Excellent post Go Home, I like it. Poles are known as the Mexicans of Europe though.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
30 Sep 2016 #343
And the pity of it is, the proud Poles take their culture with international seriousness (Chopin, Mickiewicz, SÅ‚owiacki) and the Mexicans don't!
The literacy rate in Poland is miles higher than in Mexico as well, and so the analogy isn't quite fitting:-)
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,940
1 Oct 2016 #344
Poles are known as the Mexicans of Europe though.

really are they? I have never heard that, except for here.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
1 Oct 2016 #345
Neither have I:-)

Think someone's confusing the Poles' status with that of the Turks and other so-called "guest workers"!
2 Oct 2016 #346
Am surprised you haven't heard that before.
Ironside 50 | 10,934
2 Oct 2016 #347
Am surprised

I'm not. After all they most likely do not swim in the gutters with all kind of scum!
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
2 Oct 2016 #348
The polish are really 3rd world

Remain silent you spoiled brat. Don't start a fight you cannot win or I will tell you something about the UK ;)
3 Oct 2016 #349
Neighbourhood isn't spelt Neighborhood in the UK, but I think it is in the states.
Lyzko 29 | 7,257
3 Oct 2016 #350
The first spelling is incorrect on BOTH sides of the Pond:-) Some American snobs started calling "Berkeley" California, "BARKELY", some even think that in the UK, a "jerk" is called a "JARK"LOL))))

D'you believe it?
Marsupial - | 886
4 Oct 2016 #351
Going to uk next week. Normally I don't go to suburban lands as that is not a thing for business. Never been to a place where these people live or an eastern european shop and also I don't have much to do with the ordinary uneducated brit or pole. But...this is my last trip there as I will be ending my business there before article 50 is signed and selling it to a scottish family. I don't have any reason to visit aside from that so will most likely never come back. However, the curiosity is killing me so going to spend a couple of days looking around these places to see what I can find out for myself. I will post what I saw here. Leaving next monday for almost 7 days.
4 Oct 2016 #352

Where is it incorrect ?.
paul thompson - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #353
Merged: Polish people in the UK

I would just like to say that the idiots who are victimizing polish people DO NOT represent the majority of the british people who are very happy to have you here in Britain. I personally know many polish people who are all hard working nice people and you will always be welcome in my country regardless of what the idiots say.
gumishu 11 | 5,603
14 Oct 2016 #354
thanks Paul - it's very nice of you to say so
Ziemowit 13 | 4,269
14 Oct 2016 #356
Maybe it's nice and well said, but aren't there too many Polish people in the UK?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 493
14 Oct 2016 #357
yes, there are.
there are whole bloody streets, together with shops, hairdressers etc etc run by Poles for Poles - so on the end there is plenty of Poles who speak almost no English and have zero knowledge- and interest- about the local history, customs and traditions. And no, only because some other groups also do it it doesn't make it somehow better or acceptable.

// edited
i somehow cannot quote the post that was made before me. must be a bug or something.
jon357 66 | 16,960
14 Oct 2016 #358
Looks like it can go both ways:

Polish sisters brand their victims "English sl*t b*****s" before throttling one with a handbag strap in savage racist attack

To be fair, a lot of the Poles who get the most criticism in the U.K. for not engaging in the community, generally scuzzy behaviour etc aren't the people that Poland would choose to be their ambassadors. Basically younger people with less education, a lower sense of community in general and little sophistication. Not all are like that - huge numbers aren't, but the people who stand out are the ones that get noticed.
paul thompson - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #359
I don't heat anyone comaining about the polish when they was standing shoulder to shoulder besides us and flying spitfires during world war 2 !!!

People have very short memories clearly
14 Oct 2016 #360
Why did they do that Paul ?.

Why was the Polish government in exile in the UK ?.

Why did my grandfather leave my grandmother to die in a field in another country ?.

Why did my mother yearn for her father all her life?.

And finally, why did I never get to meet my grandfather ?.

Let me tell you !, because this country went to war with Germany because it invaded Poland. Many British men died for some country far to the east for no reason and many families here paid a huge price in the UK. Personally I wish they hadn't bothered.

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