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Polish TV channels in the UK

15 Jan 2007 #1
Could someone possibly advise me which is the best option to get to be able to receive polish television channels via satiellite in the UK i would like to receive more than one channel preferably not over the internet but via a satiellite tv system?

Is there are offers or deals on anywhere? Could someone tell me what is best to get??

Cheers on the help. Wanting to get installed when i move into my new place :)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
15 Jan 2007 #2
You should be able to get 'Polonia'. It has English sub-titles.
OP telefonitika
15 Jan 2007 #3
cheers wroclaw will have a look into that one :) should help with my learning of the language :)
25 Jan 2007 #4
No advertising please. You may check:

check out *** can watch 5 Polish channels for free online:
TVP Kultura, Polsat2, TVPPolonia, TVP3 Regionalna, 4FUN TV. You can view live (and we can see what is being broadcasted every day), and you can record if you want to.

it also have a forum and chat room
OP telefonitika
25 Jan 2007 #5
checked out the website thanks though only lists two channels you can watch the other three channels no programme listings are shown will keep checking it out though :)
spiritus 69 | 666
28 Jan 2007 #6
There are three ways you can go about it and I have tried two of them.

1/ Look for a Satellite TV installer in your local newspaper/yellow pages and tell them you want "free to air" Polish channels. You will need a new satellite dish (pointing to the Hotbird satellite) and a new decoder box. Don't worry as the installer will take care of that. I think it cost me around £ 200 a few years ago.

The advantage of this is that once you've paid for the installation and equipment then every channel you receive is free.

The disadvantage is that you don't really get that many Polish channels as most of the channels you will receive will be German/French/ Arabic etc.

Another disadvantage is that the Polish TV companies have a tendency to change the satellite frequency every few months. So you may need to call the satellite man every so often to recalibrate the dish.

2/ It's possible to get a pirate subscription card which allows you to get loads of Polish channels but of course this is illegal and I wouldn't recommend it.

3/ This is the option I took last year and I think it's the best out of the three. Next time you are in Poland go to a Satellite TV shop and sign up to one of the TV packages they offer e.g. Cyfrowa Polsat. You will also need a decoder and dish which the shop will provide. I already had a dish after following Option 1 a few years ago so I only needed the decoder with card from the shop. You may need to prove Polish residency but a close friend of mine in Poland signed up for me and whenever my annual subscription comes up for renewal then I just pay them the money.

I think the decoder cost me about £ 60 and the monthly subscription worked out at about £ 5 or £ 6 a month. For that I get over 20 Polish channels and I think this is very good value for money.
OP telefonitika
28 Jan 2007 #7
Cheers on your posting Spiritus its appreciated :)

Option three maybe difficult i do have Polish friends but unsure whether they would be happy to have an account registered in their name (sorry just me i like to think i am not relying on anyone for this and would rather have it in my name)

But yeah quite cheap as i have sky+ digital for over 900channels £55 a month but i think i will be changing the package and going for the TV/Broadband/Phone option from them cheaper and i dont watch most the channel anyways esp the Sport ones :)

Would Polsat be the better than Cyfra+ ???
spiritus 69 | 666
30 Jan 2007 #8
Ref: Option 3

I give the money to my friends in advance (it's not exactly a fortune) and then the direct debit comes out of their bank account but I see what you're saying and it depends on how you and they feel about this option.

You have Sky+ and have over 900 channels ??? I didn't think you could get so many.

I'm not an expert on the merits of Polsat over Cyfra or vice versa but my limited understanding is that they offer essentially the same channels.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
30 Jan 2007 #9
Canal + and Polsat each come with different packages.

The more expensive the package, the more channels you get.

Canal + is the best in my opinion.

We have both systems.
OP telefonitika
30 Jan 2007 #10
You have Sky+ and have over 900 channels ??? I didn't think you could get so many.

yeah there is over 900 channels on sky available big chunk are those lovely prn ones ... some are box office (to pay for ones) others are the pay as you want them or subscribe to them.

I have for now the World package.

Canal + is the best in my opinion.

May enquire about this one then :)

I have noticed on the packages that they are quite expensive like ... on those i have seen on net (not ebay as someone is advertising polsat 7/12months subscription packages on there) can go upto £450 for the system -- bit expensive lol
Babylon 16 | 192
9 Feb 2007 #11
TVP POLONIA is the best polish satellite tv and of course TV TRWAM:) :)
OP telefonitika
9 Feb 2007 #12
is that available to get in the UK on subscription?? TVP POLONIA!
Babylon 16 | 192
9 Feb 2007 #13
I don't know but I know it is the best for the foreigners and Polish-roots peoples, it has Polish diaspora News - wieĊ›ci polonijne- it has English subtitles on every TV serial film what is very useful, I don't know how to take the polonia, but ask TV satellite provider what you have to do to watch TVP POLONIA (TV POLONIA)
krysia 23 | 3,058
9 Feb 2007 #14
You can watch TV Polonia off the internet, but the news are a day later and it's not in actual running time.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
9 Feb 2007 #15

Find: TVP Polonia at Wikipedia then scroll down to External Links. The second link has a list of channels with live streaming. I couldn't get the Polonia link to work, but some of the others do.
OP telefonitika
9 Feb 2007 #16
Cheers wroclaw will try that ... love wikipedia site :)
11 Feb 2007 #17
I bought a satellite kit from Lidl of all places (around £60)
Came with a dish,decoder and leads etc. Plugged it all in and bolted the dish to the wall
(se roughly)
Spent a few stressed hours with a compass trying to locate the right satellite (hotbird) and lo and behold it worked - got hundreds of free channels - I can watch Ukrainian and Romanian soap operas - Hindu cooking shows. Nigerian shopping channels lots of naughty italian quiz shows and of course about 30 polish channels (sadly only the free ones - not film channels or kultura)

Very impressed, wasnt difficult at all.
Go to any satellite shop and you can buy everything you need for less than a £100 .

The missus and mother inlaw loved it (and me!)
OP telefonitika
11 Feb 2007 #18
bought a satellite kit from Lidl of all places (around £60)
Came with a dish,decoder and leads etc. Plugged it all in and bolted the dish to the wall
(se roughly)

i keep going in to see if they are putting them out again hahaha didnt have funds last time round when had them in :)
28 Apr 2007 #19
Excuse my ignorance but can I buy a decoder here in the UK ? Is a receiver the smae thing or do I need a receiver with a card slot or something ?
Terra 2 | 18
29 Apr 2007 #20
i know i have posted this info in the telivision on sattelite thread but

check our web site as we specialise in European Satellite Systems

hope this of help to many peeps,
if u wanna chat about these then ask for Glyn aka Terra

29 Apr 2007 #21
There are 3 Polish satellite systems and all of them will work in the UK.

We used to have Polsat and then we cancelled after 1 year and took out the new N package, which has HD channels on it also. Both monthly subscriptions, on the top package, worked out at about £10 a month.

I think the best one will be Cyfra+ but it is a lot more expensive than the other 2. The top package, last time I looked was about £25-30.

Hope that helps.
OP telefonitika
29 Apr 2007 #22
But to have Polsat or Cyfra satellite systems and subscription you need a polish address in order to receive in this country ie the UK
29 Apr 2007 #23
Sorry telefonitika, I should have read your original post more clearly.

I just assumed that you were of Polish descent and wanted to watch your home television.

You are correct, you need to have some form of Polish ID to take out your own subscription. There are sites in the UK that will provide you with a valid subscription but at a massive premium.

If you just want to see what free channels there are out there via satellite, then visit:-
Terra 2 | 18
29 Apr 2007 #24
there is actually available now a cam for the european set top boxes that will play the Polsat so you no longer have to buy the card and receiver.

buy the cam then yearly buy the card.

OP telefonitika
29 Apr 2007 #25
that sounds probably like what i would look to get but i will let you email me terra when you check emails at work :D
29 Apr 2007 #26
okay ... I live in the uk but assuming I can get take out a subscription via my polish relations in Poland what equipment do I need ?

What kind of receiver would I need ? What are CAMs and CI's ? Can you use any suitable receiver or does this need to be linked to the viewing card you need ?
Terra 2 | 18
30 Apr 2007 #27
that sounds probably like what i would look to get but i will let you email me terra when you check emails at work :D

if you are looking for a polsat system let me know i will see our very best price.

OP telefonitika
30 Apr 2007 #28
received your email Terra hun
will get back to you as the price that you gave is a good one is polsat better than the one you offer me in the email as i didnt think you could get it unless you had a polish address which i dont.

im just wanting on the keys to the new place i am moving to so as soon as got them sorted i will email you with details.

Terra 2 | 18
30 Apr 2007 #29
i can arrange a polsat system which would be a polsat card and box, initially you have to buy the 2 together so that they are registered together, similar to way SKY register cards and boxes.

whichever way you wanna go i can guide you the best way.

OP telefonitika
30 Apr 2007 #30
so would i need the one you mentioned in the email to me as well terra :) or just the polsat system or both of them? how much would that package be?

i have like i say sky+

but thanks on the help :)

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