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Polish career criminal gets six years for rape

Ironside 51 | 11,338
27 Oct 2017 #31
repeated offender should be hanged, instead of prison should be a work camp where offenders could work to pay off their debts or a fine if they don't have any money. Prison system is not working.

All others should have an electronic device to control their movements.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
27 Oct 2017 #32
So a two-tier system based on wealth.
Atch 17 | 4,046
27 Oct 2017 #33
There's some evidence that it makes sadists worse.

Lobotomize them - they can still work in MacDonalds or Pound World.
jon357 71 | 20,418
27 Oct 2017 #34
Lobotomize them

Doesn't work either, but at least it would ensure a reliable supply of PiS politicians.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
27 Oct 2017 #35

In China, hard core criminals are executed and their organs given to tax paying members of society who need a transplant. I think that would be a good solution. Help healthy people and get rid of murderers and rapists.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
27 Oct 2017 #36
Lobotomize them - they can still work in MacDonalds or Pound World.

thats so horrible i am surprised at you.
people working in those places do not deserve to be compared to lobotomized criminals do they?
Lobotomy isnt particularly funny either, that is why it is no longer carried out.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
30 Oct 2017 #37

The private prisons are a big part of it as well as the for profit bail system.

The reason why there's so many blacks is two food. Urban inner city blacks don't have many businesses and industries left. It's mostly fast food, check cashing, liquor stores and some clothing stores. So basically if someone wants a local job they'll most likely be working retail for a bit above minimum wage. Blacks sell drugs because people buy em and it's good money. It's that simple. Even a low level teenage runner or scout can make an easy $100 plus a day. The cops know this so they go after blacks more. They pull blacks over more often simply because of the preconception that they'll find some drugs or a gun in the car. Well, a lot of times they do so it reinforces the idea. But then there's normal blacks who go to work who are dragged up in that net and then they're upset that thr cops are being racist (technically theyre profiling) because they're pulled over 10 20 20 times a year.
30 Nov 2017 #39
Great, british taxpayers have to provide food and shelter for that polish scum. He should be deportet.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
2 Dec 2017 #40
nelson's ha-ha @ the brits for having to house a polish criminal... lololol that's what you get for having an open border policy - it brings in the dregs of society regardless of where they come from
David555 1 | 19
3 Feb 2018 #41
He got only six years and will be out in three and the reasons are simple.

England is a country where pae ophilia and rapes are wide spread don't forget not so long another Westminster wanted to legalise paophilia.

Prisons in England are for ages overcrowded and if you wanted to lock up every rapist and paophile for years in prison there would be not enough space.

Remember history of England and how prisons and prisoners had to be moved from England to Australia and Australia became one hell big prison for an English criminals. Today you can keep criminals only in prisons in England and there's no space so judges let them out or make them do community work.
gumishu 12 | 6,086
3 Feb 2018 #42
then build more prisons - is not a simple solution - is the British construction industry not up to the job or what?
David555 1 | 19
3 Feb 2018 #43
There aren't enough homes for single mothers and their babies, they have to stay in bb hostels for months on waiting list for their council homes.

And you want to build more prisons? It's cheaper to just make prisoners do community orders than keep them in prisons feed them etc. Anyways that's how the government thinks.

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