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Calling all Brits! Travel in England advice

InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
20 Jan 2014 #31
i do eat a lot of pasta which comes to about £1.50 a meal but it only contains about 20 gr of protein so its not really a meal.

I was going to suggest a pasta meal at home for about that price, but you'd probably know the recipe anyway. When I'm in the UK and feeling tight-fisted, I pop along to Asda and buy some of their frozen stuff and cobble it together with some pasta for probably a quid a throw. But, I might be eating smaller portions than someone who is in training.

I agree on the pizzas, of course.
Meathead 5 | 473
21 Jan 2014 #32
There are two Englands, London and the English countryside. After you visit London, rent a car and take the B roads around England and stay in B&B's. Breakfast at the B&B, lunch or dinner at the local pub. Lovely. Oh, BTW which B&B to stay in? When you are ready to settle down for the night go to the local Government tourist shop and ask for a recommendation. This way you'll be assured a nice place (quality of B&B's vary greatly).

Home / UK, Ireland / Calling all Brits! Travel in England advice
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