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Applying for a Polish visitor's visa from the UK?

14 Mar 2008 #1
Hello? I would like to visit my sister who works in diplomatic company in Poland. The question is i am in UK now as a visitor visa. So can i apply for polish visitor visa in the UK?

Any advise please! Help me for this guys!
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
14 Mar 2008 #2
What nationality are you? I'd suggest that you contact the embassy... though if your sister works with diplomats, maybe she would be able to help you?
vitalie - | 1
28 Oct 2010 #3
Merged: Applying for visa to Poland from the UK.

hi every one.plz can u help me about visa to poland.i am frm moldova working in and my polish girlfriend wanted to maried in december in how can i get visa to poland after will be hard?tkank u
chefneedshelp 2 | 37
28 Oct 2010 #4
Smarter - | 2
27 Sep 2011 #5
Merged: Its easy to move from London to Poland and from Poland To london?

Hello Friends I want to know that it's easy to move from London to Poland ans Poland to London? or I need Visa passport etc?
Crow 159 | 9,008
27 Sep 2011 #6
Poles, don`t go to London, in oblivion.


London to Boleslawiec and return

Any thoughts on this journey? Road / train and air please.

Fly to Wrocław and then a train to Bolesławiec.
butterflylizard 1 | 13
28 Sep 2011 #7
I don't know exactly how easy either move is, but I have visited Poland and would not want to move from there to London. There are much nicer areas than London

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