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Applying for a social housing in the UK - translation of a birth certificate?

mimi1 1 | -
16 Jan 2013 #1
Hi there.
I just wondered if anyone here had applied for a social housing in UK? i am in a process and was told that I have to bring a birth certificate. Done that. But it's in Polish.

The embassy does only translations from English into Polish (yeah, I know that's silly), so my question is: do I have to get that birth certificate translated, and if yes, where/who can do that? (so the council accepts the translated copy?)

any advise- thanks a lot.
mcm1 2 | 81
16 Jan 2013 #2
If the local authority have asked for your documents to be translated into English then thats what they want, doesn't seem unreasonable to me as in this country we speak, read and write English as our first language.

We had similar issues when we needed our documents translated from English to Polish. The embassy in London suggested a firm that could help us, we were quoted £200 + VAT per document, copies were a further £30 each from them, 6-8 weeks delivery time!

As it is we had it all done in Poland the following week, total cost for sworn translation, stamped and Notarised for 6 documents with 3 copies of each = 160zl

I have had a quick search and found this company that might be of use to you, I have no idea how legitimate they are.

Home / UK, Ireland / Applying for a social housing in the UK - translation of a birth certificate?
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