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Wroclaw to Lwow - travel options?

kie 13 | 28
24 Mar 2012 #1

Does anyone know what travel options the are to Lwow from Wroclaw and where I can find further info?

i.e. which train or bus - how long does it take (ages by the looks of it), Tour company or flight?

I see that Eurolot are starting flights, but not sure if that's just for Euro 2012. Not sure if Wroclaw's new airport will open up new flights?

How long would it take by car and is the border crossing a pain?

Thanks, Kieron.
31 Mar 2012 #2
There are direct trains.

Look here:

Type: From - Wrocław Główny, To - Lviv, More options - direct connections.

There are some buses from Wrocław to Lwów. But I can't find any informations about it, expect departure time. Look:

Kierunek - Direction, Przez - Via, Godziny odjazdu - Departure time, 1, 3, 4... in a timetable - days of the week (1 - Monday), I, II, III... - number of a platform on the station

The cheapest and probably the fastest way (but not easy for foreign tourist) is to get to Przemyśl, catch a local bus to the border crossing, cross the border on foot and catch a local bus to Lwów. Trains wait a long time because they have to change track gauge, buses stay in queues.
9 Apr 2012 #3

if I were you I would definitely choose the option with Eurolot, they are starting from the half of the May, twice a week.

Apart from this our Airport in Wroclaw is open.



Wroclaw tour guide
DepressedOne - | 34
10 Apr 2012 #4
I think that going by Eurolot would be easiest way to get there

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