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Wroclaw to Lublin - the best way to travel

13 Jan 2015 #1
Hello. Over the summer I'm going to be in Poland. Im wondering if anyone knows the best way to travel from Wroclaw to Lublin. If you could include websites ect. and prices that would be great.

Thank you.
Shizuka 10 | 44
13 Jan 2015 #2
I think using plane is best.(I dont know the price)
Wroclaw to Lublin by train takes 7hour and half,price is 20 zloty if you are student.
by Polski bus,,,,takes about almost 10 hours,the price is depending on when you make reservation,but not so expensive.
Enjoy Lublin,I just came back from Lublin,I already became a fan of Lublin,I will be working there ;)
kpc21 1 | 763
14 Jan 2015 #3
Unfortunately there is no direct plane from Lublin to Wrocław. There is one from Warsaw Modlin. But from Warsaw to Wrocław there are many alternatives. Trains, including Pendolinos (Express InterCity Premium category, so called EICP), PolskiBus buses, as well as trains. The time of the whole journey is comparable.

From Lublin to Warsaw you may check bus companies - especially PolskiBus, because many of other buses that go on this route are uncomfortable, crowded minibuses.

I think the train will be the best option. But don't choose the InterRegio train (IR Bolko), it is operated with rather incomfortable suburban units. The night train (TLK Karkonosze) has sleepers apart from normal carriages with seats.

In terms of trains - the only company flying to Warsaw from Lublin is Eurolot. It seems to be quite expensive, but check their website. I am not able to do it now, because their webpage is making some strange things, at least on my PC. They land on the Okęcie (Chopin) Airport in Warsaw, so still you would have to transfer to Modlin (which is, I think, about 50 km from Warsaw, while Okęcie is within the city) if you want do continue with Ryanair, not to mention that you would probably wait for the other plane very long, which makes the whole deal pointless. Alternatively Eurolot seems to have also a connection from Warsaw to Wrocław, mabe it is adjusted to the flight from Lublin. You have to check on the Eurolot page.
Shizuka 10 | 44
14 Jan 2015 #4
Oh Thanks kpc21,totally forgot there are no flight between Lublin and Wroclaw.Sorry for wrong info.
pigsy 7 | 305
14 Jan 2015 #5
rent a car and drive.

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