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How does wizz air compare with ryanair?

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9 Jul 2016 #31
In Ryanair: 2 bags, one up to 55x40x20 cm, the other one up to 35x20x20 cm.
In Wizzair: one bag up to 42x32x25 cm

For me it looks like Ryanair is more generous. But it depends. In Wizzair you can pay not much extra for priority boarding and be allowed to take an extra small bag. You can also pay for a bigger hand luggage. In Ryanair the only option is to buy checked-in luggage.

Going from Łódź in Poland to Karlsruhe in Germany I can take Ryanair from Warsaw Modlin to Cologne or WizzAir from Warsaw Okęcie to Basel, and WizzAir is always much more expensive. But maybe it depends on the route.
9 Jul 2016 #32
For me it looks like Ryanair is more generous

With cabin baggage yes, but I was thinking more of hold luggage. Both airlines charge for hold baggage but with Ryanair you only get a 15kg hold baggage allowance ( you can take 20 kg but you have to pay extra ), with Wizz you get 23 kg with the option of paying extra for up to 32 kg.

maybe it depends on the route.

Possibly. Last time I checked to fly to Warsaw, prices were very similar to Ryanair, but the flight gets in at 1.35 am with Wizz, although it flies to Chopin instead of Modlin.

Prices will probably also depend on how far in advance you book, if it's a popular route it will be more expensive if you leave booking it till late.

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