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Wieliczka Salt Mine Receiving Intense Interest This Year: 1 Million Visitors!

magicpolish 1 | 3
27 Nov 2011 #1
Wieliczka Salt Mine which is located near Poland’s former capital and major city, Cracow, broke a record with this year’s visitors. Coming from all over the world, 1 million visitors fell in love with the historical salt mine.

As you may recall, The salt mine was founded in the 13th century and we mentioned that the mathematical and architectural heritage surely must be seen.

In addition, The Wielczka Salt Mine was listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1978 and we seriously suggest that you go there at least once in your life.

If you have any question, view or opinion, please let us know.

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
27 Nov 2011 #2
I've been there and would recommend it to every visitor to the region. I went around Christmas time and the place was packed. It cost 50 or 60 PLN to get in. I have a question. Where does all the cash go?
Julien_fr 7 | 15
20 Jan 2014 #3
Merged: Does anyone know which Chopin song is played during the visit to Wieliszka salt mines?

Hello everybody,

I visited the mine salt near Krakow a few weeks ago. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

During the visit, we entered a dark cave with water and large stairs on the right side. Then, some lights appeared et a Chopin's song was played for a couple of minutes.

I've been looking for this one on internet but I cannot find the title of this song. I remember it was amazing and I'd love to hear it again!

So, if anyone has any clue, I'd thank you very much !
lunacy - | 73
20 Jan 2014 #4
Was it perhaps that one? -

Found some clues on the salt mine's website. I've been there years ago and didn't know they made such major changes - therefore thanks for reminding me about that place, definitely going to visit it this year!
Julien_fr 7 | 15
21 Jan 2014 #5
dziękuję bardzo !

this is the one ... really amazing ... and when it happens inside the cave, it's even more fabulous !
April M
14 Feb 2019 #6
Just to say thank you ,Been trying to find out what the music was I know it was Chopin could not remember name and tonight I found this site and found it .Was really amazing when playing in cave fabulous and thank you .l

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