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Weekend getaways around Wroclaw?

Maferz 4 | 8
15 Apr 2013 #1
Being always in the city can get quite tiring.. Any special place to go to for a weekend within 100-200 km?

I'm thinking some more or less hidden place in the nature where one can go hiking etc then rent a cheap room for the night.

If it's reachable by train/bus that'd be a big plus.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
15 Apr 2013 #2
What about trying Kamienna Gora? It's accessible by train from Wroclaw, it's not particularly known by foreigners and you can hop over to the Czech Republic to buy beer :)

Related: Góry Stołowe near Kudowa Zdroj

From Wroclaw I would like to go to Karlow or Pasterka for a walk in the area of the Table Mountains. Is that area beautiful enough for a day's stay? Is it a realistic plan to drive by car from Wroclaw to that region, walking there and go back in just one day?

I appreciate to hear your opinion.
OP Maferz 4 | 8
15 Apr 2013 #3
It looks promising!
slawekk - | 18
16 Apr 2013 #4
I recommend Stawy Milickie and forests between Skoroszów and Milicz. You can get to Milicz by train I believe or go to Trzebnica by train (a very scenic ride by itself) and then take a bus to Milicz.

Also, Jodłowice near Brzeg Dolny.
jwojcie 2 | 763
19 Apr 2013 #5
Stawy Milickie are great by bicycle. You can take a bicycle into a train in Wrocław and go to Milicz in about 1:40 h.

Beside there is couple of mountain resorts in the south which can be reached by bus or train.
airmaro - | 6
28 May 2013 #6
Hi, at that web page: airport wroclaw transfer you could find some pictures with short description of interesting places around Wroclaw.
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