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OK to wear Kilts in Wroclaw on Friday nights? Would it deny us admission to pubs/clubs?

14 May 2014 #1
Hi there. Myself and a group of friends are heading to Wroclaw in a couple of days for my birthday. A couple of the guys had mentioned wearing kilts on Friday night. Is this an unwelcome thing in Wroclaw these days due to Stag parties misbehaving? And would it lead to us being refused entry to bars/nightclubs? Thanks in advance for your help! :)
14 May 2014 #2
I don't know about Wroclaw but in Warsaw it's not more welcome than it's unwelcome. It'll draw attention but not much unpleasant attention. I doubt it's going to help getting into the smarter more trendy nightclubs but those places wouldn't let stag groups in anyway.
OP Muri75
14 May 2014 #3
Thanks for the reply Harry - much appreciated!
14 May 2014 #4
My pleasure.
I'd say wear the things, you'll get a few laughs if nothing else (and most probably at least one person will try to check if it's true about what a Scot wears under his kilt).
Cardno85 31 | 971
14 May 2014 #5
I got knocked back from a nightclub in Kraków when wearing my kilt. I later met a person I knew who was drinking with the guy that knocked me back and I questioned him about it. Simply he said that the kilt was not the issue, it was the fact that the style in which I was wearing it was very casual and their dress code specified smart. As he said, "he can't tell other people that they need to wear a shirt if he lets me in wearing a t-shirt with a kilt. I think that is important. While a kilt can be classed as formal black or white tie, it can also be worn very casually and I think that needs to be kept in mind if you are looking to get into certain clubs.
Ladna - | 6
15 May 2014 #6
You are lucky you are in Poland, we are quite a tolerant country, in other countries differences in dress codes like this one or other ones are not accepted inside clubs or other places whether it be a western or middle eastern country. Poland is unique in that case.
18 May 2014 #7
My best man wore full Highland rig at my wedding (inc. sporran, dirk). He looked magnificent and everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him. Unfortunately, my new sister-in-law put her hand up the back of his kilt to check him out. He nearly hit the ceiling. So, watch your back.

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