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5 Mar 2009 #1
Hi everybody,

I'm going to Warsaw. I'm staying in the City Center (Mercure Fredryk Chopin Hotel) Can anyone recommend inexpensive Polish cuisine restaurants in that area and in the Old Town (Stare Miasto) area?

6 Mar 2009 #2
Try Folk Gospoda (ul. Waliców 13) and Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem (ul. Żelazna 68). Both are about ten minutes' walk from your hotel (to the east). There are no good inexpensive Polish restaurants in the Old Town (but are plenty of very expensive ones, some good and some not). The closest is Chłopskie Jadło at ul. Wierzbowa 9/11 between pl Pilsudski and pl Theatralny.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
11 Mar 2009 #3
I have to disagree on the Old Town. We always go to Jazz Bistro on ulica Piwna, which has good food for normal prices and often live jazz music.
17 May 2010 #4
Thread attached on merging:
Good Indian restaurants in warsaw?

Anyone can help me if there are real good Indian restaurants in warsaw?
jonni 16 | 2,482
17 May 2010 #5
Try Aarti, on al. Jerozolimskie between the pl. Zawiszy and the pl. Starynkiewicza tramstops. They're quite good, and I notice they're opening a branch in the Old Town.
17 May 2010 #6
Arti is a bit hit or miss. The first few times I went there it was all good but then a couple of visits left a fair bit to be desired. I didn't know that they're opening a place in the Old Town. Have you been to their new place in Saska Kepa?

Personally I still say that Namaste is the best curry in Poland. The best one is the one in the Old Town (on ul. Piwna). No doubt my old friend Deepak Malhotra will now post lots of lies about how Namaste gave me such bad food poisoning that it killed me.

I went to India Curry weekend before last and wasn't hugely impressed. The food wasn't as good as Namaste (or Arti for that matter) but the bill for three of us (starter, main course, rice or nan, plus two beers each) was over 300 zloty!

Has anybody made it out to La Bono yet?
jonni 16 | 2,482
17 May 2010 #7
There are plenty like tandoor

Avoid Tandoori Palace - it used to be OK, but isn't any more. Dunno what happened to them. Buddha Bar isn't great either. Maharajah has good food, but the atmosphere isn't anything to write home about.
17 May 2010 #8
How about those Indian restaurants in Warsaw?

I have done nearly all of the Indian restaurants in Warsaw here is my selection

1. India Curry ( especially the day menu at 20-25 plz )
2. Nameste ( Piwna ) Nice people and they will cook to your request.
3. Aarti ( Saska Kempa) Nice interior but a bit hit and miss.

There is also a new curry house that has opened on Jana Pawla - not tried yet.

Going off topic a little, there is a fantastic Thai restaurant in Krakow called Shanti which is a must for all of you that like a bit of spice in your food. When you are in Krakow do not miss this place. The chef previously worked for the Sheraton and Marriot and the food is very much up there with the lemon grass but at a snip when it comes to price.
zuczek 3 | 52
17 May 2010 #9
The owner of Tandoori Palace is a complete drama queen

Ah good old "Toni" (Chanjarit I believe is his real name). He is a piece of work isn't he? I fell into his trap for a bit when he was wanting me to bring him business. He pretended to be friendly and give free food. But when I didn't turn out to be a cash cow he turned into a real d*ck. He also treated his staff horribly..always yelling at them. Last I heard of him some girls were accusing him of inappropriate things which didn't surprise me in the least. What is it with Indians in Warsaw? Always so much drama.
17 May 2010 #10
I used to like going to Tandoor Palace, but the service their has become so rude! I don't get it! All you need is a smile not to be completely forgotten about and then the customer is happy. I have noticed that it is often empty these days! Perhaps the owner doesn't want the place to do good business...
17 May 2010 #11
There is also a new curry house that has opened on Jana Pawla - not tried yet.

Don't bother: it is absolutely terrible, the worst curry I have ever had (including the curries when I was at school)! Very shoddy service and not particularly well priced either. I was particularly disappointed because I live in that area and was hoping to have a cracking curryhouse within walking distance of me.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
18 May 2010 #12
Ah good old "Toni" (Chanjarit I believe is his real name)

I've never met him personally, but I've heard a few stories from different (unconnected) people, along with seeing a few things that made me really question his motives here. Then again, if his place is going down the pan like a few people have said, it's no surprise.

(certainly - it explains why he was trying to use HospitalityClub/CouchSurfing for a NYE party - obviously he wasn't going to get the business elsewhere!)

Indians are the same everywhere from what I can tell, it doesn't surprise me that the same old nonsense is going on in Warsaw too.

Perhaps the owner doesn't want the place to do good business...

Either that, or people are seeing through the gimmicks?
spanishphil - | 4
20 May 2010 #13
Very shoddy service and not particularly well priced either.

Hopefully Ganesh will deliver the goods when it opens on Saturday....
King Kazimierz - | 4
20 May 2010 #14
Has anybody made it out to La Bono yet?

Labono is probably the best indian restaurant in Warsaw, but a shame it is so far from center.
20 May 2010 #15
Hopefully Ganesh will deliver the goods when it opens on Saturday....

I can't wait to try it!
richasis 1 | 418
20 May 2010 #16
Try Folk Gospoda


It was the only place I could find Stuffed Cabbage and Red Beet Soup to my liking.

Oh, and the (5 1/2 liter?) Draft Beer was always a nice complement to the meal :)
jonni 16 | 2,482
20 May 2010 #17
Try Boston Port on ul Zelazna (and a smaller branch with outdoor tables on ul. Pulawska behind Banja Luka Restaurant close to the Warszawianka pool). It's a mix of traditional Polish and East Coast American. Best fish in Warsaw.
20 May 2010 #18
Not any more it's not. The building which the Zelazna branch was in got torn down about nine months back. Luckily the one off Pulawska is still in business and still excellent.
jonni 16 | 2,482
20 May 2010 #19
The building which the Zelazna branch was in got torn down about nine months back

Good God! It was the best restaurant in that part of town.

Does that mean the topless hairdresser on ul. Zelazna has gone too? I was always intrigued by that place but never went in.

Lotos on Belwederska (corner of Gagarina) is worth trying. It's just about pre-war and has odd PRL era decor. Good reasonably priced food too. Very loyal clientele, some of them going there for donkeys' years. I get the impression that in pre-1989 not many of them had to worry about rations and queueing...

The scruffier place in the same building just round the corner on Gagarina is even cheaper but is served by the same kitchen.
23 May 2010 #21
Everything is for sale in Warsaw at the moment.
Alltimegreat1 16 | 67
7 Sep 2017 #22

Restaurant recommendations in Warsaw's Old Town

In addition to our time in Mragowo, we'll also be spending two days in the Warsaw Old Town. We'd like to find a couple of quality restaurants in the Old Town with a casual family-friendly atmosphere (3-year-old child) that specialize in traditional hearty Polish food. I seek to avoid places offering hipster, new-age, or foreign cuisine. I've read the reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, but you never know who's writing these. I think I can get better advice on this forum and would be very grateful for it.
DominicB - | 2,707
7 Sep 2017 #23

Most Old Town restaurants are definitely not kid-friendly.

I once went with friends and their two toddlers to Zapiecek at ul. Swietojanska 13, and it was cozy enough. If you are looking for heavy traditional Polish food, this is the place. With kids, it would be better to show up off hours. I think they have sidewalk seating as well. Prices were not bad at all.
7 Sep 2017 #24
We'd like to find a couple of quality restaurants in the Old Town with a casual family-friendly atmosphere

There are very few restaurants in the Old Town I'd even think about eating at (most are aimed at tourists and so priced accordingly) and none of the ones I would eat at there serve that kind of food. I'd strongly suggest getting an Uber (no more than three euro from the Old Town) or a tram three stops west from the Old Town and then walking five minutes to either Folk Gospoda (ul. Walicow 13, pseudo Polish mountain food) and Oberza Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem (ul. Zelazna 68, themed on PRL Poland). Both are good fun and reasonable food, very hearty, not at all hip.
Tamara 9 | 202
23 Oct 2018 #25

Warsaw's Stare Miasto (old town) - looking for particular restaurant/food


Every time we're in Warsaw, we go to this little place in Stare Miasto which is really just a window and they have the most incredible bulki z pieczarkami or a long breadstick stuffed with mushrooms and onion sauce. I'm looking for the name of this restaurant/place and what they call this particular item.


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