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Warsaw next week - ideas?

kfuglsang 4 | 5
29 Jan 2010 #1
Hi all,

I was in Warsaw for a couple of days this summer and met a girl which I am going to visit next week. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas for things we should go and see?

She has been living in Warsaw for about a year now, so I guess she hasn't seen all of it - but probably all the most common things.

Best Regards
dani 4 | 8
9 Feb 2010 #2
I thing, You could take her to the PKIN Palace in the center of Warsaw. I bet, she haven't been there. There is a sightseeing place on the highest flors and even restaurant (but expensive).
hardcandy 1 | 2
19 Jun 2013 #4
Merged: Warsaw - suggestions on what to see and do?

Going to Warsaw in september hopefully it will still be warm... can anyone recommend definite things to do and see ?

So far i've printed of this list Top things to do in Warsaw -

But I am looking for more of a local kind of not so touristy stuff?

any suggestions welcome ty
jon357 67 | 17,031
19 Jun 2013 #5
Lots to see - try wikitravel for suggestions. What sort of things do you like doing?

Btw, it will still be warm enough to sit outside in September.

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