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Warsaw meet escort girls

iLoveTrips 2 | 3
15 Aug 2017 #1
I've been looking around alot on google about Poland / Warsaw and the amount of escort girls is like nothing I've seen befor :)

Do you ppl have any tips or input what to think about befor meeting a escort girl ?
Can a Polish cellphone number help in order to get in touch with the girls ?

There is a few listed brothel's / gentlemen club's on google, website's and contact info seem's old in many cases outdated.
Is there any recommended club to visit ?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
15 Aug 2017 #2
Star far away from go go clubs imo. There's a good chance you'll get a spiked drink the worst lap dance of your life and a several thousand dollar credit card bill. They're set up mainly just to scam male tourists.
OP iLoveTrips 2 | 3
15 Aug 2017 #3
@Dirk diggler

Great advice, thank you!

How about these non "google listed" places that offers erotic massage / tantra massage ? Safe ?
Some seem to have real business building meanwhile some is in apartments.

Shambala and Salon lomi looks good in my eyes, any experience any1 ?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
15 Aug 2017 #4
I'm not as familiar with Warsaw as I am wroclaw which is where I'm from. Ill pm you later tho with some advice
PolishUltras 7 | 60
17 Aug 2017 #5

I saw a super hot ulotki girl on Nowy Świat last night

As I was heading back on Nowy Świat, near a side alley that heads for TJ Max and the place that had many cool shops as well, anyway she was giving ulotkis for a club or strip joint on the corner but this girl was smoking and she looked super young, like 16. so she started talking to me and I told her that rather than going inside the establishment (oh she had a real thick ukrainian accent like not just accent but some words she mixed with Ukrainian) I told her that I would rather dsnce with her and she replied there are many girls like her inside and I replied that I doubt they are as good and young as her / you (and seriously she was young this was the main thing turning me on and her connection to a strip joint so i was thinking she may be a dancer as well or trying to be or does tricks on the side or something) but then she kinded of sighted as i walked already near the other dude inviting people to his strip bar and the conversation ended.

As I kept walking over I was thinking how im gonna try getting this girl and whether I should offer her money for sex like I hear a lot of zdzira like or really the only chance a lot of us guys (esp over 28) have with a hot young chick or be friendly and invite her for a date or hang out or sometthing sfter her work, but i got too drunk thinking sbout it later and by the time I walked by she was replaced already. anyone k ow the girl or whom I am talking sbout? I started thinking how she and the clubs may be connected to the russian mafia and if I invite her they may try tomextort me to pay her more or she may have a crew later try to constantly hang around the place or rob me or something so i strated trippijg out or thinking how im gonna get this done and slepe with her, im still thinking of ideas guys, so please throw them st me (snother one was to invite her to a park or a wlak or something after her work but inreally think she is one of those girls distirbuted by the mafia or something as she looks way too innocent to be working for a strip joint).

She straight up would be s perfect candidate for my lolita on swing business idea. she was small, had glasses short blond hair, straight could pass for 15 but i think she was about 16-19 who knows tho but it turned me on so much she is already working night snd in the business of strip lol, maybe there is a chance in there somewhere for me? if anyone can give me tips or knows her help me out as id do almost anything outside get robbed or go to jail to get her.

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