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Warsaw or Krakow in October?

2 Sep 2006 #1
I dated a Polish girl for a number of years here in Australia and found her/friends/family to be the most warm and friendly people ever. I have been planning a trip to Poland for October and was wondering whether to visit Warsaw or Krakow for scenery/restaurants/nightlife etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

opts 10 | 260
2 Sep 2006 #2
Visit both cities; your experience will be much richer.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
2 Sep 2006 #3
I like both cities but if you were to spend more time in one I'd choose Krakow. Just because there are some great things to see but you'd need more time ie. Tatry mtns., Zakopane, Wieliczka Salt Mine etc. I hiked the Tatry in October and it was awesome. There was a bit of snow but it was a picture perfect day.
polaca 1 | 76
4 Sep 2006 #4
Choose krakow!
For me it is one of the greatest place in poland with special atmosphere:)
Its realy joyful place.
I dont like warsaw, is boring and dirty.
4 Sep 2006 #5
It seems Poland is divided into: Krakow and the rest of "dirty" Poland..:)
polaca 1 | 76
4 Sep 2006 #6
Poland is divided into: nice cities and "dirty" warsaw :):P
old punk - | 25
11 Sep 2006 #7
People in Poland all claimed that their city was best. In Poznan, they said Poznan was the greatest. In Warsaw, same thing. My friend has flats in both Warsaw and Krakow, and he says that Krakow is best. His girlfriend says Warsaw.
krysia 23 | 3,058
11 Sep 2006 #8
Warsaw is more expensive. I lived and attended school in both cities. They both have a nice zoo, but I liked the elephant better in Kraków. But I liked them both. Where do you plan to live, fatso, oops I mean old punk?

Sorry about that.:)
old punk - | 25
11 Sep 2006 #9
Ouch. Well, I guess that's what I get for picking that for my avatar, talking about food, and beer. I really enjoyed the size of Poznan, but I think I would need to explore some of the other cities. Especially Gdansk.
polaca 1 | 76
11 Sep 2006 #10
Yes u should explore all tricity (gdańsk, sopot, gdynia).
U will enjoy this, im sure.
Its my city :)
polskadan 1 | 16
11 Sep 2006 #11

mine as well :) You should definetly go check out the tricity if you are going to Poland in the summer, just utterly beautiful
old punk - | 25
11 Sep 2006 #12
Excellent. I will let you know when I am coming.
polaca 1 | 76
11 Sep 2006 #13
Hehe no problem :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116
11 Sep 2006 #14
Yes u should explore all tricity (gdańsk, sopot, gdynia).

Oh yeah. They are nice cities to visit. Even west along the baltic is really nice....more towards Mielno/Kolobrzeg.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
11 Sep 2006 #15
Did you guys forget Wroclaw ?

To answer the question. Krakow

But you can have fun in Warsaw [so I'm told]
polaca 1 | 76
11 Sep 2006 #16
Wroclaw is also nice:)
Go the Orly
13 Sep 2006 #17
Krakow.... Choose Krakow. Warsaw is full of thieves.
iwona 12 | 542
13 Sep 2006 #18
Warsaw is more expensive than Krakow but if someone think about looking for a job there are more opportunities there.

Krakow is pretty, romantic, with slower pace of live . I would saykrakow is a town of culture and history and Warsaw is a town of business.
old punk - | 25
13 Sep 2006 #19
Which city is easier to get around in without a car. How far out do the trams and buses run in each city? I'm sure that is cheaper to live in the suburbs of both cities.
iwona 12 | 542
14 Sep 2006 #20
it is cheaper.In general public transport in Krakow i Warsaw is good. Trams are only withing towns border buses go to further outskirts.
Everything depends on when you live- if it is bigger development with lots of flats - buses and trams go ( appr) every 10 minutes at rush hours and every 15-20 non-rush hours.

If you live in more quiet development ( mainly houses) they go probbaly each 20-30 minutes.( or even every hour)

I don't know so well Warsaw as Krkaow but I would say that it is easier to get without car in Krakow.

Warsaw is bigger ,wider so you probbaly need more car . Krakow is smaller, older( not much parking spaces especially in the centre)
14 Sep 2006 #21
I've only visited Krakow (fab place) and the Polish people I know say Warsaw is not so good (they're from Gadansk & Gdinya)...I hear Warsaw is like London....
FISZ 24 | 2,116
14 Sep 2006 #22
I hear the same. Very drab, grey many reminders of communism still remain. I experienced maybe 20 minutes of it total going from the train station to the airport...and getting ripped off by a taxi :) I was with my gf and she paid less going back to the trainstation from the airport than vise versa. Kooky taxy drivers. I just try not to speak....let her do all of the talking :)
polaca 1 | 76
14 Sep 2006 #23
Polish people I know say Warsaw is not so good (they're from Gadansk & Gdinya)...

But dont ask people from warsaw and krakow. Ita a rule that they hate each other.
14 Sep 2006 #24
If you are young ,city man go to Warsaw.
Pictures of both cities,you can watch online can tell a thousand words.
iwona 12 | 542
15 Sep 2006 #25
why? krkaow is full of universities and young people.
15 Sep 2006 #26
you can say that again....there seems to be a missing generation....those in their 30is - they must stay at home...
iwona 12 | 542
15 Sep 2006 #27
it is not so bad.I hope.:)

I think that in Krakow every generation will find something fot themselves.
gleite 6 | 38
26 Aug 2008 #28
[Moved from]: Ready to go to Kraków, any recommendations from Brazilian fellows?

Let's talk about serious recommendations... Krakow in Poland.

People coming from South American Countries, like Brazil, Peru, Colômbia... Really needs advices... Can anyone that have lived the same experience share a bit with us? I am Brazilian and I hope to get to Kraków and meet lots of Polacs... make lots of friends to take a beer and party... also to make job connections and everything... For instance, I must say that Brazil is tropical country, which we are accustomed to a lot of sun during the year... so cold should be a huge problem... also food, a bit different.. and culture... anyone with bright ideas to expand this topic?
12 Aug 2013 #29
Merged: Holiday in Warsaw next October - wheater, different places

Hi Everybody,

I am kaled from Egypt and I plan to travel to Poland next October for 10 days holiday. I already visited warsaw in January 2011 and I found it beautiful place and people were very nice but the weather was very cold :(

I ask about weather in october will be also cold or what :)
-- Is Warsaw the best city I should visit or there are other different places
-- In first visit I was in big group so it was safe for me but this time I will be alone so its safe to move in the city alone at night and go to clubs for example or no

Last thing :) , I know alot of Egyptians that look for visa in Poland , But I am not one of them so please I dont want to mention this issue in this post


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