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Warsaw to Cracow trains

Fog Mafia 1 | 1
17 Sep 2016 #1
Where can I find the timetable of fast trains from Warsaw to crakow. Thank you
kpc21 1 | 763
17 Sep 2016 #2
There are a few websites with connections search:

Put Warszawa as "from", Kraków as "to" (may not work without Polish diacritics, so the best idea is to copy-paste) and it will find all the connections.

Also at the website of the train operator:

If you want a pure timetable - here: table B130.

The fastest trains are EIP.
Dove_krk 1 | 3
19 Sep 2016 #3
EIP are the fastest ones, but:
1) not much faster than IC - it's a matter of minutes
2) much more expensive than IC
3) If you choose IC, you will have as modern trains, as in the case of Pendolinos guaranteed, e.g. Stadler Flirt (ok, 99%-guaranteed, sometimes a new model has a malfunction and they may provide you with an older - but renovated - one).

4) If you choose IC, check the traveltime. It should go straight to Krakow, with three stations between them. If you see Kielce there, this connection will be slower.

Trust me, I'm an expert on Polish trains ;)
Btw - when you come to Krakow, check KrakowCard. It's a cheap tourist pass with a lot of free museums and unlimited public transport provided.
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Sep 2016 #4
There are also some TLK trains, equally fast as the IC. They are older and they don't have the diner coach or compartment, but if price is important, they may be also a good choice.

You can just uncheck the EIP and EIC trains in the connection search.

Actually, looking at the timetable - there are actually three non-EIP and non-EIC trains on a day from Warsaw to Kraków using the fast CMK route on the whole length between Warsaw and Kraków (there are also some going first through Skierniewice and Koluszki, and entering it in the neighbourhood of Opoczno - they are slower). And all of them are TLK trains, so with older coaches and without a diner. There are some IC as well, but they use the CMK route only partially, and some of them are actually ED74 Bydgostia trains, which aren't really good train units for a longer route (they were designed for the route from Łódź to Warsaw, but they turned out to be too small - luckily, they are going to be sold to one of the local train operators now).

IC Orłowicz, IC Kolberg and IC Żeromski are on Flirt trains, but they go through Kielce, so they are slow. There is also the IC Wit Stwosz, but it uses Bydgostia trains.
reecesavage - | 1
28 Dec 2016 #5
Are there always dining cars on EIP/EIC/IC trains? We are thinking of flying into Szczecin and then taking the train to Wroclaw or Warsaw. Norwegian doesn't have flights to Warsaw that day, and it's a travel day anyway. It would save us time if we could eat dinner on the train.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
29 Dec 2016 #6
Are there always dining cars on EIP/EIC/IC trains?

cite Na pokładzie każdego pociągu Express Intercity Premium (EIP) oraz w pociągach Express Intercity (EIC), Intercity (IC), Tanie Linie Kolejowe (TLK) dostępne są usługi gastronomiczne

Please give a translation when your post contains Polish language
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
30 Dec 2016 #7
Please give a translation when your post contains Polish language is smarter every day, really.

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