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Warsaw travel - what to carry in my baggage?

31 Aug 2014 #1
Traveling to Warsaw in a week and no idea what to carry in mu baggage!

I'll be there until February!
31 Aug 2014 #2
Perhaps some bikini for the rest of this summer, whatever that is left of it. However summer in Poland is not particularly hot. It's still relatively cold with rain some days. Bring your jacket to ready yourself for the winter, maybe some formal dresses/suit for the formal occasions. Some regular casual wardrobe. Generally for clothes, if there are some things you forget to bring, you can just buy. Maybe some of your favourite books in English, because there are not that many in Poland. Camera to capture some moments if you like.
Marysienka 1 | 195
31 Aug 2014 #3
I wouldn't take bikini, if you are not a very dedicated fan, chances of good sunbathing weather are getting smaller every day. What to take depends what you plan on doing here, and what clothes you have.

Between September and February you may see almost all the weather Poland has ( other than hot summer).
For September you are going to need some light rainproof shoes, light jacket and something warm to wear under jacket (hoodie, sweater, jacket...), umbrella.
For later you need warmer clothes. I know some people send those by mail, to save on luggage limit.
If you have warm jacket or coat, you'll need it (or have to buy here). Warm ankle high shoes. some kind of headwear (hat,cap), scarf and gloves.
OP anaB
31 Aug 2014 #4
I didnt even think about the bikini
I was considering warm jackets and sweater but I can carry only 23 kg and most of them are very heavy.

What about prices there?
1 Sep 2014 #5
Warm jacket its a good idea. Now is like end of summer but its still pretty warm (20 st. C).
Very soon its starts autumn but if it will be warm and sunny you will see beautiful golden autumn in Warsaw:) but you still need a umbrella.

You know this is Warsaw a capital city so there is a lot of shops and shopping centers so you could buy everything here (even books in English);)

Winter in Warsaw could be short and warm or long and cold like -25 st. C. Last year was short and warm so we will see.

You asking about prices it's all depends where you come from. For example you could buy cheeseburger for 3 PLN. You could see prices for food from typical supermarket (

Don't worry winter in Warsaw could be really fun:) Every year in city center there is huge ice rink and you could even ski in Warsaw (stok narciarski Szczęśliwice).
OP anaB
4 Sep 2014 #6
Thanks for the information! I am very excited to see Golden Autumn! :-)
Reallu worried about the low temperature! I am South American and not even winter it very cold here!
I guess Poland is cheaper than other European countries..
Marysienka 1 | 195
4 Sep 2014 #7
If you are from a warm country it's better to buy winter clothes here. Hope you enjoy yoour stey in Poland.

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