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How to get from Warsaw to Belarus (ex-Polish areas)?

Leonis 30 | 61
11 Sep 2012 #1
I would like to visit towns with a considerable Polish minority. I'm thinking of going by train or bus, could you give me advice? Which is cheaper? Any places I must visit?

Thank you in advance for any tip.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
11 Sep 2012 #2
Easiest way is train to Terespol on the border, change there for the twice-daily train to Brest (across the border) - then go to, for instance, Grodno (Hrodno in Belarusian).
teflcat 5 | 1,032
11 Sep 2012 #3
Train from Białystok to Grodno. 100 KM. Don't forget your passport and visa.
OP Leonis 30 | 61
11 Sep 2012 #4
Thanks a lot! :)
Slavicaleks 8 | 98
11 Sep 2012 #5
tip i wouldnt go around saying ex polish areas you might find yourself in a deep whole in the woods. enjoy your trip

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