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Visiting Gdansk - looking for ex-pat bars...

Chris_33 1 | -
3 Apr 2008 #1
Going to Gdansk 04-07 Apr 08. Is there any expat bars or places where I can meet people who know the area and can possibly show me ...

I know it it a bit late to ask and perhaps optimistic.
scottie1113 7 | 898
4 Apr 2008 #2
Try Absinthe in the theater building next to the Armory. Best bar in Old Town for my zl.
13 Jan 2012 #3
[Moved from]: American visiting Gdansk this summer for Euro 2012 .... soccer bars? night life?

traveling solo to Gdansk for 2 weeks in june from california to Poland. hoping to pick up tickets to at least 2 of the 3 matches in group play (spain vs. ireland, italy and croatia)

how American friendly are the Polish?

any good bars, clubs, fun things to do for an adventurous American soccer fan!?

(i assume English is spoken widely?)
scottie1113 7 | 898
13 Jan 2012 #4
I'm an American from California who's been living in Gdansk for 4 1/2 years. Register first. Then I'll answer your questions.
calikent 2 | 12
13 Jan 2012 #5
done! i thought i had already registered.... but now i'm official!
BBman - | 343
13 Jan 2012 #6
how American friendly are the Polish?

Very friendly towards americans. You have nothing to worry about in this regard.
calikent 2 | 12
14 Jan 2012 #7
need to know where i can watch soccer on tv?
can i bet sports in poland?
should i bring cash or credit? amex? visa?
where are the cute/single girls!?
scottie1113 7 | 898
15 Jan 2012 #8
Gdansk is a friendly city to tourists as long as they behave themselves. I'm referring to the rowdy stag parties from, well, you know where. No need to wear your nationality on your sleeve. It's unimportant.

You'll be able to watch soccer in a lot of places, believe me. Do you know where you'll stay?

I know nothing about betting on sports in Poland, only about betting on my poker hands. I'll ask my friends.

I usually carry cash because not every place accepts plastic. Check with your bank about using Visa in an ATM. You should be able to do it, but you'll get better exchange rates from a kantor-a place where you exchange dollars for zlotys. They're everywhere, as are cute single girls. When you get closer to your departure date and know where you'll be staying, send me a pm or an email and I'll give you the names of some pubs that are popular. One you should file away is Absinthe in the City Center.
calikent 2 | 12
15 Jan 2012 #9
appreciate the help

i am booked here: Hotel Hotel Walewscy
Address Kartuska 477
Gdańsk, 80-298

june 6-20. i also just purchased single tickets to 3 spain matches in gdansk (vs. italy, ireland, croatia) at the PGE (?) stadium. hope taxi rides are easy and reasonable from there?

i know NOTHING about poland and little about europe. lifelong californian who grew into a big international soccer fan lately and taking a chance to see my grandfather's team (spain) in person at a major competition. going completely solo, with no friends or even Facebook buddies in poland!

i have spent up to a month combined on 2 trips to Wales with my then jamaican girlfriend... (well, she's still jamaican, but no longer my girlfriend ;)

so for 2 weeks, i'll have 3 days at spain matches (if viagogo is a legit ticket site, i just gave them $1000 usd or so on my credit card for tickets i hope i receive!) .... and 11 days of absolutely no schedule/obligations....

hoping there's a decent "downtown" area not too far by that i'll be able to access.... not at all a rowdy party type, but a 30-something American who love new cultures and people.... looking forward to it!

thanks for all the help

p.s. i imagine there will be an influx of spain, italy and irish fans (and croats?) who might make gdansk a pretty fun spot during the month? possible festivals or spots to watch the (other) matches on a big public tv?
scottie1113 7 | 898
15 Jan 2012 #10
I wasn't familiar with that hotel so I googled it. It's not really close to the city center but you can take a bus from the hotel. Taxis are reasonably priced and hopefully will remain so during Euro 2012.

You picked a beautiful city to visit. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. Feel free to ask me any more questions.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854
16 Jan 2012 #11
FFS did this yank get tickets to the Irish Spain game?

What bollix.
calikent 2 | 12
16 Jan 2012 #12
yep. and italy-spain and croatia-spain!

bought 'em on line at

paying top dollar to see some good ol' spanish SOCCER! ;)
16 Jan 2012 #13
Kartuska is not far from the town centre,i lived there for 20 years,few bus stops...and buses in gdansk are realy good!
Go clubbing to Sopot!!!best place ever,lots of clubs there...try "Organika"","dream club",tropikalna wyspa",there is a nice club in gdansk town centre "Miasto aniolow"

visit "kolobki"park,with lots of things to do for adults of any age,go to "bar przystan"in sopot by the beach,sooo nice food!

have fun!!!and i bet you will be back........
scottie1113 7 | 898
16 Jan 2012 #15
"bar przystan"in sopot by the beach

Ah, I like this place.
22 Jan 2012 #16
Try for up to date info on Gdansk and its night life, restaurants, sightseing, etc.
and for weekly news on Poland
Betty - | 5
22 Jun 2012 #17
Most Americans in Poland love it. The people are very friendly and interesting.
lusan - | 1
12 Apr 2015 #19
Merged: Places to meet expats in Gdansk?

I will be visiting and staying for a couple weeks in Gdansk in early May. We just bought a place in Magellan Apartments -near the The plan to use it as a summer house. (Moja żona jest polską. Jestem latynoamerykańkiem.) I would appreciate to learn about places to meet Americans?
12 Apr 2015 #20
check this one :)
scottie1113 7 | 898
12 Apr 2015 #21
Not too many of us Americans in Gdansk, but you might try the American Corner on Monday nights.

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