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Visiting Bydgoszcz and Świecie near Toruń for one Month / or Weekend

Die4Dubai 1 | 1
20 Jun 2012 #1
Dear All

Am very happy to know more about this lovely city/town.
I just arrived 1 week ago and staying for 1 month.

since i came am everyday sitting at SOWA cafe from 8 to 10.

Please give me some information where to visit in this town as well outside!!

Am a shy Arabic guy so how can I have a friends (mainly girls) in this Lovely country... Just friendship.

in the other Hand I would like to know how I can search for a Distributor for some products which the company I work for manufacturing it.

1- Tanning Lotion called carrot Sun and you can search for the Facebook page with name of "Carrot Sun tan Formulas"
2- Facial product which Include the Well known Argan Oil in FB page "Amys Marrakech Secrets"
3- Chocolate
4- Arabic perfiume
5- Ginger Candies.

Your corporation and support is highly appreciated.

sobieski 106 | 2,118
20 Jun 2012 #2
You want to get a Polish girlfriend so that you can get a way into the EU ?
pawian 224 | 24,572
20 Jun 2012 #3
(mainly girls)

Does it mean you won`t reject boys?
OP Die4Dubai 1 | 1
20 Jun 2012 #4
Am not really interested on having a GF or the EU as just been mentioned, as am happy with my nationality and will never think of holding other passport/documents.

Am looking for a friend mainly girls to just spend sometime and discover new places.

In other hand would like to meet business people or Managers in distribution field to see what's the possibility of introducing or importing products front the Middle east.

Would like to know as well where I can rent a car here! !

lesiu0184 - | 3
16 Jul 2012 #5
I will be visiting a Bydgoszcz from 28 december until 4 January.

Go to Torun, 40km from Bydgoszcz. Great gothic center, Unesco site.


Place to stay in Bygdoszcz for a weekend?

I'm planning a trip to Torun and Bydgoszcz this weekend and wonder if anyone can suggest a place to stay in Bygdoszcz. I prefer to stay in flats, but private homes or hotels are also acceptable. I will be traveling with one other person. Thanks!

Here try AIRNB for short stays. I only found 1 flat in Bydgoszcz but there are more in Torun. Torun is beautiful, have a great week end.

Related: Going in August to Świecie

Going to Świecie in August to stay with friends. Any suggestions for a fun day/night out?

Dunno about Świecie, I had usually driven through it on my way to Tricity. When I was a kid we've visited close by town that have medieval castles or buildings that is Człuchów and Czersk and Gniew you might try to take a look at them. I don't recommend visiting Bydgoszcz, it's a dirty boring city.. Toruń is of course a must see place too : )

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