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Visit Krakow - places to go out at night?

FMA 1 | 1
11 Jun 2013 #1
I am a portuguese that will be in Krakow in the end of the next month for tourism. Can you give me some advice about where can I get some information in internet or some good places to go out in the night? There are any usual event at the weekend in Krakow?And about the traditional food there or some good restaurants to taste the polish food? There are differences between the food in Warsaw and Krakow? Because two weeks ago I was in Warsaw and I liked the food :)

Thanks a lot :)

nadiahatchett 1 | 1
3 Jul 2013 #2
i'm going there next week! Im from Indonesia. Im not sure what im going to do there too
ajo77 - | 1
16 Jul 2013 #3
As a summer visitor, I recommend going to the Jewish District and just walking around. There is great food restaurants around, and if you wander towards Market Square after, you will undoubtedly run into many bars and clubs where you can enjoy nightlife. There are food places and cafes, bars, etc just about all over, but the Jewish district tends to be a bit more reasonably priced than near market square. Hope you have fun!
Cardno85 31 | 973
16 Jul 2013 #4
I can second the Jewish district. Also if it's just a short trip and you are just wanting the basics then check out: cracow-life

It's not hugely in depth, but it gives a good outline of places to see and things to do.
27 May 2016 #5
Merged: Night of fun in Krakow for 30-plusser

Next week in south of Poland all week, but then on Thursday for one night in Krakow. Looking especially for interesting bars/pubs/clubs for 30-plussers. I am a very young minded 36 year old, but I don't particularly enjoy the young students scene. I would love to have great fun and pick up some 30+ ladies for some adult fun which can end up at the hotel room of course.... ;)

Also haven't booked my hotel yet so suggestions for hotels (and locations) are welcome.

Finally of course if any nice, friendly, fun people are around on June 2nd and want to hook up, I am open to that as well! Any suggestions and tips are welcome.

Thanks so much in advance!
Paulina 17 | 4,469
29 May 2016 #6
Dave, I don't know Kraków from this side and I haven't been there for years, but I see noone else will help you, so... I googled a bit and those are the places I've seen Poles recommending for people 30+:

Klub 30 (address: T. Kościuszki 3):

Taawa Music Club (address: Estery 18):

Chicago Jazz (address: Sławkowska 11):

Alchemia (address: Estery 5)

Drukarnia Jazz Club (address: Nadwiślańska 1):

Piękny Pies (address: Bożego Ciała 9):

Ulica Krokodyli (address: Szeroka 30) - fun fact: the name of the club is the title of a short story by a Polish writer Bruno Schulz "Street of Crocodiles" and a short animated film inspired by it:

Singer (the corner of Estery street and Izaaka street), apparently a cult place. Fun fact: the tables are made out of old Singer sewing machines (my grandma has one and she's still using it for sewing - it works! lol):

Społem Pub (address: św. Tomasza 4) - fun fact: "Społem" is the name of an old Polish chain store and the pub's interior design has a communist feel to it, with cars from those times incorporated into the interior, including a milicja car (cars used by Polish police during communist times). It's been selling some Polish and Czech craft beers since not long ago:

Stajnia Pub (address: Józefa 12) - "stajnia" means "stable" in Polish - the pub was set up in an old stable building:

Magiel (address: Meiselsa 9):

Klub Kulturalny (address: Szewska 25):

Klub Kabaret (address: Krakowska 5):

Sorry for all the additional "unnecessary information" but I like such "fun facts" myself and, who knows, maybe you'll be able to impress some woman with your knowledge ;) (I can't guarantee that you'll end up in bed with her though lol).

Other places that were mentioned: Feniks, Warszawianka, Dolce Vita, Prozak, Ministerstwo, Boom Bar Rush, Stalowe Magnolie, Cień, Tajemniczy ogród, La Scandale (but I got this info from an old thread, so I don't know which are still open).

There are probably more places but I don't have time to search for more. Once you'll get to one of those clubs or pubs you may ask other visitors what places they like and there are generally a lot of clubs, pubs, cafes, etc. in the Kazimierz district of Kraków:

Have fun and be respectful to the women in Kraków or you may end up with your face covered with detergent, apparently :P

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