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Which is the most trustworthy taxi company in Warsaw? (child seats too)

synaptic 5 | 10
5 Oct 2010 #1

I am considering traveling from Warsaw Centralna to the airport by taxi but am wondering what the best taxi company is? I ask this because I have heard of people getting over charged for their rides to the airport.

Amathyst 19 | 2,702
5 Oct 2010 #2
The two main bus lines are:

Bus Route  175 ul. Żwirki i Wigury (Novotel Warsaw Airport) - ul. Raszyńska - pl. Zawiszy (Hotel Sobieski) - Al. Jerozolimskie (Holiday Inn, Marriott) - City Centre - Marszałkowska (Novotel Warsaw Centre)- ul. Świętokrzyska - Krakowskie Przedmieście (Hotel Europejski, Hotel Bristol, Sofitel Victoria). This service goes to the city center, passing near some of the most popular hotels on its way as well as the main train station and passing near the old town.

Bus Route  188 ul. Żwirki i Wigury - ul. Wawelska - al. Armii Ludowej / Trasa £azienkowska- M  -Politechnika. This service goes to deep Praga Południe on the right bank, passing through to the south of the city center. This is a better choice if you just want to get to the metro.

Looks like you can pick it up outside hotels too.
jonni 16 | 2,485
5 Oct 2010 #3
Amathyst is right - the bus is the best way, just remember to buy your ticket first and to cancel it on the bus in order to make it valid.

As for taxis, MPT, are OK, and the largest firm, ELE (+48 22 811 1111) are reliable and honest and since there are so many of them, you don't have to wait long. They have English-speaking operators.
6 Oct 2010 #4
Bus ~3zł
Taxi 40-50zł

Very good site with all the public transportation info one needs:
mafketis 36 | 10,362
6 Oct 2010 #5
More guerrilla getting around (I recently used this in Budpest).

You generally don't want to take taxis that are unaffiliated with any company as they have a tendency to be ...... how is the expression, bloodsuckers?

Anyway, scout around and find where people are being left off by taxis. Wait for someone to arrive in a company taxi (phone numbers all over it) and make sure they don't seem distressed by what they paid. You might even ask them. Or ask the driver for a rough idea of the price "Ile na lotnisko?" and if the estimate seems okay then jump in. Any good reputable taxi driver should have some idea about the price from downtown to the airport as it's a very frequent run.

From centralna to the airport the actual price will vary a lot due to time of day and traffic but will probably be not less than 30 or more than 50. Tip about 10 per cent if you're satisfied. The most common way of tipping in Poland is to round the bill up, so if it's 32 zl you can give him a 50 and say "(powiedzmy 35)"
6 Oct 2013 #6
1. Call taxi by phone instead taking from taxi rank (fare can differ 20 %)
2. Check a price before get in taxi
3. Check a price and service at taxi-browser like: or
oztraveller - | 1
27 Feb 2014 #7
[Moved from]: Taxi companies which provide child seats in Warsaw?

Can anybody recommend a taxi company in Warsaw that provides child seats in their cars. Will be travelling with my wife, mother and 1 year old infant from Australia direct to Warsaw and will need a taxi from the Airport to Hotel Campanile Varsovie. We are travelling in late April and will arrive on Saturday afternoon.

Would prefer to be able to book ahead so we don't have to worry about finding one with a car seat when we arrive at the airport

16 Mar 2014 #8
Try (you may want to translate the page into English if you don't know Polish).
cheapesttaxi - | 2
29 Mar 2015 #9
I (work for the company and pretend to be a real user) and ride in a taxi GROSIK corporations in Warsaw. According to me, the most trusted Warsaw company in which they work. It is used by people of Warsaw. Drivers do not cheat on the crossings, I always talk about how much more will come out on the course. The rate is 1.80 zł per kilometer.

Amanda . W
19 Jul 2015 #10
I am in Warsaw 3 times a month, often traveling from Warsaw to Lodz and Krakow. Due to the fact that during any of my visits I do not have much time to travel, riding taxis everywhere. My experience shows me that the best value for money is the company : fast Poland taxi service & airport transfers.

Drivers speak English and are helpful, and the price for kilometer on a long trip out around 25 euro cents / km . So cheaper than the rental car.

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