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Polish Trains (Intercity - Return Tickets Query)

ollie 3 | 4
21 Feb 2013 #1
Dzień dobry!

I am visiting Poland next month and am looking in to booking a train ticket from Kraków to Warsaw. I'm just going to Warsaw for the day so was wondering if Polish train companies have return tickets or whether it is necessary to buy two single tickets?

I had a look on the: web page but could only seem to book two single tickets.

21 Feb 2013 #2
You can get return tickets. just ask for a bilet powrotny at the booking office.
smurf 39 | 1,966
21 Feb 2013 #3
You need to know the exact time of the train you want to return on. It's not like in other countries where you can just buy a return and hop on any train returning.

I know its common in UK/Ireland to do it, becasue you'll save a few shillings, but here you won't so just buy them individually., that return train might never turn up and you'll have to fork out twice.
OP ollie 3 | 4
22 Feb 2013 #4
Many thanks for the info :-)

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