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Tips and advice on CAR HIRE IN KRAKOW AREA

Phil_C 2 | 7
9 Oct 2011 #1
Has anybody any helpful advice or insights about hiring cars locally in Krakow city centre or vicinity? I will be hiring one fairly frequently over the next few months, and would appreciate any recommendations about reliable, tried and trusted companies, or useful contacts.
Olaf 6 | 956
11 Oct 2011 #2
I can recommend Avis (got a discount customer number there).
There are other ones, but it matters if you will rent for longer period or a few cars for e.g. 2-5 days each...
11 Oct 2011 #3
I can recommend Avis (got a discount customer number there).

Yes, I agree.

I rent with Avis when I need a bigger car for visiting friends and I have never had a problem. They will try to offer you add-ons and you should choose them at your discretion. I personally never bother.

Their Site: w w w (You can select English if you don't speak Polish)
OP Phil_C 2 | 7
11 Oct 2011 #4
Many thanks for that Olaf and Brit-Pol. I was beginning to think that nobody ever hires cars here! Cheers!
Stu 12 | 522
11 Oct 2011 #5
Or try Express, a Polish rental company. Good prices, well-maintained cars (
OP Phil_C 2 | 7
11 Oct 2011 #6
Thanks for that Stu. I looked on their website, which looks very good indeed, and whilst the prices are really low....their online booking system seems to be trying to charge the daily advertised rate for the collection, and again for the return. So for a 24 hour period it is charging 2 x advertised daily rate, plus a 50 pln car preparation charge. I have e-mailed them to question this, so will await their explanation. Many thanks.
7 Feb 2014 #7
They may be chipper but they always find something to charge you extra
Krzysztof125 - | 2
18 Oct 2014 #8
I highly recommend alwyas using RentCar they drop the car in Kraków area where you only need that. Just book over the internet. I know that the topic is old but this topic is also being actual now...
dexter35yrs - | 1
18 Sep 2015 #9
Merged: Car hire in Krakow and parking in the city

hi if i hire a car in krakow will i or do i need a parking permit ? as i read somewhere that i may do ... can anyone recommend a car hire company in krakow centre many thanks.
istannbullu34 1 | 105
18 Sep 2015 #10
hi if i hire a car in krakow will i or do i need a parking permit ?

I have never heard something like that, I also drive my own car here in Krakow- I do not think that there is such thing as parking permit. Just when you park in the city center you should be careful and check for parkomat.

I used a company called "Rentis" once, they had good prices and the guy who works there was very friendly. They have comparatively good prices and you can leave the car in another city. (you will need to leave deposit) rentis. pl

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