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Time between flights in Frankfurt International Airport

Qacer 38 | 125
5 Mar 2010 #1
I found a cheap flight to Gdansk. It has a stop over in Frankfurt International Airport for about 50 minutes, where I will have to switch flights. I don't know what the gate numbers are, but is 50 minutes enough time for me to get off the airplane and go to the next gate to catch a flight in Frankfurt Airport?
beelzebub - | 444
5 Mar 2010 #2
I wouldn't do it. If that is your initial entry into the EU you have the added delay of immigration and customs clearance.

The big delay anymore is security. I have waited for an hour or more just to clear security in several EU airports as recently as January. It's worse here in the US.

Call the airline and ask them their policy on connections. It seems if you miss a connection because security won't clear you fast enough everyone blames each other and it can leave you in a bind.
iwo45 - | 5
5 Mar 2010 #3
You should be good. I usually fly to Gdansk through Frankfurt. The International Airport in Frankfurt is very manageable. 50 minutes should be enough if your plane lands on time.

Remember also that you won't have to pick up your luggage in Frankfurt so it will save you some time. When there is a connecting flight you have to catch, stewardess will usually announce the gates to those flights before your plane lands. ( If they don't, you can always ask them. They usually get a print out from the airport)

If your plane is delayed and/or arrives later than scheduled and you miss your flight, it is not your fault and the airport should put you on the next available flight.

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