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Taxis from Gdansk airport?

moondust 1 | -
22 Jan 2011 #1
Hi can anybody recommend a reasonable priced taxi. I will be arriving at Gdansk airport at 8.25pm from uk (two of us) and would like a taxi to Old Town, cheapest possible, thanks.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
23 Jan 2011 #2
General rule is don't take a cab in airport, bus station etc always call for radio taxi.
+48 58 5111555
800 400 400

If no one speaks Polish and you don't have choice call these guys

They took 20 Euro or 70zl twice as normal price (about 40zl).
Macduff 9 | 69
23 Jan 2011 #3
Do not take a taxi from people offering you taxis, just go to the first cab in the line, make sure if it is not the weekend that the meter is not at rate 3 this is weekend night time two is normal week days at evenings and rate 1 is normal day rates. the price should be less than 70 zloty thats around 18 British pounds
hubsy - | 1
12 Apr 2011 #4
General price is around

70 pln Airport to Gdansk centre

80 pln Airport to Sopot centre

90 pln Airport to Gdynia centre

Check those links: They don't take any extra fees in case delay flight.
I was treveling 2 weeks ago , reccomended (cheap taxi) driver took 150 pln to Gdynia

Return transfer I booked on line, and cost was 40% less.
For information don't take taxis from guys offering taxi transport, Close to airport is plenty illegal taxis, they like foreigners and your money.!!!
prestige 1 | 8
14 Jan 2013 #5
Professional service and shuttle Gdansk,Sopot, Gdynia
I recommend .
Pawel Taxi - | 1
16 Feb 2013 #6
booking and price !!!
26 Apr 2013 #7
Hi I need a taxi from Gdansk to Jastarnia in August how much should this fair be in euro??
26 Apr 2013 #8
That is not going to be cheap: the drive must be at least an hour. I'd contact a few taxi companies in the Tri-City to ask for quotes, then book the least expensive one.
prestige 1 | 8
3 May 2013 #9
Hello Dee1,
Transfer from Airport Gdansk to Jastarnia , price is a 320 zloty (80 Euro)
Car: New Mercedes S-Class w221
scottie1113 7 | 898
3 May 2013 #10
That's a fair price considering the distance.
3 May 2013 #11
It's certainly not a bad price, but it's not one I'd pay myself (I'd go into town and get on a train).
taxigdansk - | 8
12 Jun 2014 #12
Merged: Taxi from Airport Gdańsk

If You landed on Gdańsk Airport and want get to city centre, then you have two choices, city bus or taxi:

- City bus drivin bus every hour and costs 3.60pln an adult
- Taxi cost from 55 pln to sometimes 120 pln so you must be careful

Alternative output is a private taxi company such as ,may a fixed price 80 pln 1- 5 person and 100 pln 6 - 8 person
Ziutek 9 | 160
13 Jun 2014 #13
The 210 bus runs twice an hour on weekdays and once an hour at weekends.

Here is the timetable from the airport in the direction of the city centre (Dworzec Główny)
18 Aug 2014 #14
Hi,looking for advice on best way to get from Gdansk airport to Bolszewo, about 1 am
taxigdansk - | 8
18 Aug 2014 #15
Hi, we can offer you private taxi transfer and cost will be 200Pln ( zloty ) or 50, if not find anything else then please book on our website

Best regards
Airport Taxi Gdansk
25 Aug 2014 #16

i'm looking to get from Gdansk airport to Swornegacie. (bus-taxi-train)
the cheapest way.
this on september 1 (we land at 18.40h)

taxigdansk - | 8
25 Aug 2014 #17
Hi, we can offer 360pln or 90€ for privete taxi transfer . If you not find better option then write to us or book taxi transfer from our website

Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
25 Aug 2014 #18
Sorry to burst your bubble airporttaxi - but we all know the cheapest taxis in the Tri-City are Skorpion: And by some distance too. Here to help :)

PS Not a bespoke service tis true, but they always turn up and are delighted to take my lab too - unlike most of the services which masquerade as taxis here :(
4 Sep 2014 #19
hi looking for best way to get 11 people to and from torun from gdansk airport in october
10 Sep 2014 #20
Transfers from Airport Gdansk ;

to city Gdansk - 70pln
Sopot - 80pln
Gdynia - 100pln

tel ; +48 788-325-930
taxi transfet
13 Nov 2014 #21
taxitransfer 24h 4-6 person
airport gdansk - gdansk old town 70 zl
airport gdansk - sopot 80zl
airport gdansk - gdynia center 100 zl

kontakt 796347943
koalo - | 1
29 Nov 2014 #22
Hi, someone can help me to find a cheap way to go from Gdansk Airport to Scandik Hotel (Podwale Grodzkie 9 Srodmiescie Gdańsk, 80-895)?
My flight will arrive on saturday 6 december at 16.15 PM

Thank you
30 Nov 2014 #23
At 16:35 and then at 17:35 there is a direct bus connection from the airport to Main Train Station in Gdansk. Overlooking that station you will find Hotel Scandic. The bus numer is 210. The cost is 3 PLN. There are other options as well, but for that check out this page: Select "MZKZG Trójmiasto" and state your preferences to find the best connection.
30 Nov 2014 #24
I recommend Gdanskshuttle - they have an office at the airport directly, when you're leaving the plane. Steffi
1 Dec 2014 #25
shuttleGdansk tel +48 510-31-30-31
1 Dec 2014 #26
Merged: Taxi or bus from the airport Sierakowice


do anybody know what the price is for a taxi from the airport to Sierakowice or do you know how to get there by bus?

I mean from the airport in Gdansk to Sierakowice.
roteiro - | 5
8 Dec 2014 #27
Hello there! The main thing about any airport transfer is not to take taxis near the airport, it is vital really! I'd recommend you to book a car online in advance from such services like It is a very convenient and affordable way to get to your destination safely and in time. I always do this. Hope, this will help you too ;)
8 Dec 2014 #28
The main thing about any airport transfer is not to take taxis near the airport, it is vital really!

That's interesting. I just went to that website and had a quick look.
First I tried searching for "Gdansk airport" but on this page I was told "Unfortunately, in our database there is no point with the name "Gdansk airport"."

Then I tried the official name: "Lech Walesa airport, Gdansk", but on this page it says "Unfortunately, in our database there is no point with the name "Lech Walesa airport, Gdansk"."

Then I tried just "Gdansk"
"Unfortunately, in our database there is no point with the name "Gdansk"."

Perhaps it was the missing ń in Gdańsk? Nope:
"Unfortunately, in our database there is no point with the name "Gdańsk"."

How do you always use that website when you visit Gdansk?
radek1981 - | 1
20 Dec 2014 #29

Next time, you can simply make reservation for transfer through the website
As you can see the prices are set and fixed, so you will not get ripped as it sometimes happened with other strange "companies".

P.S. They have office at the airport at departure hall.
limogdansk - | 1
1 Jan 2015 #30
great alternative for a few persons transfer is limousine Hummer H2:

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