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Where can I take my girlfriend for a romantic dinner in Warsaw?

jorgehuaman 3 | 1
7 Aug 2012 #1
Dear all,

I'm celebrating a special occasion with my girlfriend tonight. Any suggestions where to take her?

1. We like every type of food, so give your best
2. We welcome mid-range budget suggestions
3. We live close to Galeria Mokotow, but we can commute to a very good recommendation

Have a good day!!
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
7 Aug 2012 #2
You may check the restaurant FUKIER in the old Town /Stare Miasto (Rynek,27)

Not cheap but very romantic and nice (traditional Polish food with a French touch)

Ps the name of the restaurant as you can imagine is a subject of a lot of bawdy jokes among anglo saxon people....
7 Aug 2012 #3
Na Zielnej is the best place you can go to without a reservation a couple of weeks in advance.
5 Jul 2014 #4
Dude, I know it's too late for when you asked your question - but look up Le Cedar, they have 2 locations in Warsaw. It is a Lebanese Resturant and this food is amazing.

You want to be romantic and impress your girl, take her there and order one of the MENUs for 2, just go with the cheapest one - there is so much food, you can never eat it all.

Lebanese food has got to be one of the freshest, healthiest and best tasting.
I've been to Lebanon and this food at Le Cedar is 100% authentic and a lot cheaper and safer then actually traveling to Beruit.

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