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The situation with the Krakow central railway station?

magpie 6 | 133
28 Dec 2011 #1
Does anyone know what the situation is with Krakow central railway station?

I was there in Sept. and it was mega confusing with all the printed timetables having incorrect platform numbers etc. Anyone know if the electronic boards are working yet?
Seanus 15 | 19,672
28 Dec 2011 #2
I was there roundabout that time and there was work being done. I doubt they'd have the electronic ones up yet but it could be a NY's present ;)
dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
28 Dec 2011 #3
Everything is working fine, at least was when I was there in November.
OP magpie 6 | 133
28 Dec 2011 #4
cool. thanks. A Weegie friend of the stepdaughter is coming over to see her and he wants make it here (Opolskie) by himself on public transport, which is OK, but I wondered how difficult it would be for him if the station was still in a state.

dtaylor, any idea what response he'll get if he wears a kilt to a matura function thing? My Polish step daughter is worried that he will get grief over it.

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