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Shooting around Krakow?

phtoa 9 | 236
11 Apr 2012 #1

So im living in Krakow (and have for awhile) but ive never had the time to go out and shoot. Coming from Denmark this is a thing we cant do back home so im kinda exited to try it.

Anyways if I look it up on google like example (shooting in krakow/Kalashnikow Krakow) all that comes up are these stupid adds for stag parties in Krakow for british dudes.

So can anyone recommend me anywhere to go shoot? Or does anyone know of a good website where i can arrange this?
Id really apprisiate it.

PS. my polish is not so good so that i can google it in Polish and get some usefull results.

Thanks in advance.
pgtx 29 | 3,159
11 Apr 2012 #2
Krakow, Poland - shooting range:
OP phtoa 9 | 236
13 Apr 2012 #3
Merged: Driving from Krakow to Chorzow


We are 4 guys wanting to go to Chorzow like today or tomorrow to a shooting range out there.
We dont have a car and a cap is ridicoulous expensive out there (or so i believe)

Anyways if someone wanna make 400ZL in just a couple of hours let me know.
All you got to do is drive 4 people from Krakow to Chorzow and back again. We will spend out there 2-3 hours tops.

In case you'd like to shoot with us we will also cover these expenses.

Just reply to this thread if your interrested.

peterweg 36 | 2,317
13 Apr 2012 #4
Contact me, I have someone to drive you..
OP phtoa 9 | 236
13 Apr 2012 #5
Hi peter,

great we need to go to here:,4,kontakt.html

Can we go today at 6pm?

If you confirm then ill send you my phone no.
peterweg 36 | 2,317
13 Apr 2012 #6
I'll check if 6pm is ok, email me so we can discuss., PM me.

6pm is possible
OP phtoa 9 | 236
13 Apr 2012 #7
Hi again,

Thanks alot peter, but I just called to make a reversavation at the shooting range (now that you confirmed we have a ride) and then there is no damn free spots!!

Maybe could you please ask your friend if he knows of any other shooting ranges near/around Krakow where we can go tonight??
peterweg 36 | 2,317
13 Apr 2012 #8
You asked this question the other day, didn't you. I suppose you could go in the woods and blast away with some shotguns and rifles with my father in law.


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