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How to travel to Rzeszow - flight is expensive, is it worth to fly to Warsaw first and then get there by road?

31 May 2015 #1
A flight ticket to Rzeszow is very expensive but it is much cheaper for Warsaw, so I wanted to ask if it makes more sense to get a flight to Warsaw and then travel to Rzeszow by road or should I just spend the money on expensive ticket ? how can I travel from Warsaw to Rzeszow, by Road/Rail, please guide me through this
chukaz0306 1 | 5
31 May 2015 #2
You can buy a ticket to Krakow instead. Ticket to Warsaw and to Krakow should be almost same price. It's 3hrs by bus/rail from Krakow to Rzeszow, while it's 5-6hrs by bus/rail from Warsaw to Rzeszow.
OP Boom
31 May 2015 #3
what would be the averga cost, on the train website it says 6200 bucks and on the bus it says 1000 bucks. Are these actual rates ? is the travel by public transport this expensive in poland ? can you please give me an idea of actual cost of bus travel or train travel from Warsaw to Rzeszow, as i suspect there is something wrong. A rough idea would work wondoers
31 May 2015 #4
Land to Warsaw airport and then go by bus to Rzeszow. buy bus ticket ...they stop at bus station near airport.u can go bus station on feet from airport..bus ticket maximum cost 70 zloty..
1 Jun 2015 #5
A flight from where to Rzeszow is very expensive?

As for Warsaw-Rzeszow by bus there's currently tickets going for 12pln at the cheapest as there is currently a bit of a ticket war going on between the bus companies. Also worth checking out the LOT flights if you want a quicker trip, last time I got a special, cost me 99PLN from Warsaw to Rzeszow.
jon357 72 | 21,070
2 Jun 2015 #6
Check out Eurolot flights between Warsaw and Rzeszow - very quick and getting a cheap flight to Warsaw then an internal one to Rzeszow can be cheaper than you might think if you travel on an unpopular day.

By the way, buses might look cheap, and you may be tempted to put up with one, however trains in Poland (intercity, don't bother with TLK/Interregio unless you're low on cash) are particularly good value.
kpc21 1 | 763
2 Jun 2015 #7
Intercity? Did you mean EIC (Express Intercity)? Intercity is currently the same as TLK, but with modern carriages nad, as far as I remember, guaranteed restaurant car. Even the prices are the same as in TLK.

In the company called PKP Intercity you have the following categories:
- EIP (Express Intercity Premium) - the most modern "Pendolino" trains, quite expensive (although for the budget of a foreigner it might be cheap) unless you buy the ticket a lot in advance

- EIC (Express Intercity) - the best ordinary trains (with a locomotive and carriages), in terms of comfort probably even better than EIP, the price comparable with EIP

- IC (Intercity) - ordinary trains of a level lower than EIC, but still based on modern vehicles, price the same as in case of TLK

- TLK (Twoje Linie Kolejowe - Your Railway Lines, initially the name was Tanie Linie Kolejowe - Cheap Railway Lines) - the cheapest trains of this company, usually with old-fashioned carriages, but still providing quite a lot of comfort

Each of them is divided into 2 classes. 1st class is more expensive, but also more comfortable. It has 3 seats in a row, while the 2nd class has 4 seats in a row, except for some modern carriages with compartments, where it has also 3 seats in a row. And there is usually much less passengers in the 1st class.

While buying a ticket you have a seat in the train automatically booked. If there is no more free seats, you are informed that you will probably have to stand.

The other train operator is Przewozy Regionalne. Their trains are:
- RE (RegioExpress) - standard similar to TLK
- IR (InterRegio) - either standard similar to TLK, or old-fashioned commuter train vehicles, sometimes even with plastic seats (it depends on the specific train), although these are long-distance trains

- Regio - local trains, often based on old-fashioned commuter train vehicles, although in some regions of the country many of them is renovated, or they use also modern commuter train vehicles, which belong to the local authorities

The local trains are sometimes also operated by other companies - like Koleje Mazowieckie, Arriva, Koleje Śląskie, Koleje Dolnośląskie, Koleje Wielkopolskie, £ódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna or Koleje Małopolskie. I think I've mentioned all of them. They usually have much more modern vehicles than Przewozy Regionalne.

In Warsaw and the Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) there are also companies called SKM - they operate the inner-city trains and some of the local ones. Additionaly, in Warsaw, there is a line operated by a company called WKD. A part of their trains is modern, a part is old-fashioned. Especially, the SKM in the Tricity has many old-fashioned trains, while SKM in Warsaw has, as far as I know, only modern ones.

In case of Przewozy Regionalne and all these companies, there is usually the 2nd class only and you don't get a booked seat. If I remember it well, in RE you can book a seat if you want.

So the best would be to choose an EIP, EIC or (especially if you want to save money) an IC train, but if there is only a TLK that fits you, it won't be bad.
jon357 72 | 21,070
3 Jun 2015 #8
Modern carriages, and far less crowding - the last time I used TLK it was impossible to get any food or drink because the whole train was standing room only, including the dining car!

That's going a bit off topic, so I'll reiterate the suggestion that the OP looks for internal flights - they aren't usually expensive in Poland and are obviously a lot quicker. The train is second choice and to Rzeszow the bus is a poor third.
4 Jun 2015 #9
I don't know anyone in Rzeszow that uses the train to get back and forth to Warsaw, there's a TLK that goes via Lublin that takes close to 6 hours if on time. How can you compare that to something like Polskibus Neobus or the new luxexpress where the seats are comfy, there's wi-fi on board, and with Lux there's even screens if you want to watch a movie/surf the net, nevermind that they're quicker.

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