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Which route is the quickest from Warsaw to Wroclaw?

5 Aug 2011 #1
Anyone driven from Warsaw to Wroclaw recently, Which route is the quickest through Belchatow E67 or Katowice A4?
Taking into consideration the current road works.
Looker - | 1,134
6 Nov 2014 #2
1st option:Warsaw - Piotrkow Trybunalski - Belchatow - Walichnowy - Wroclaw

You can go to Piotrkow Trybunalski then Wielun, Walichnowy and from there travel the old road No. 8 to Wroclaw. It is still the most popular route. With the car you can complete the entire route in 4.5 hours. Of course, much depends on the traffic which is big there, because the old "eight" is the truck drivers favorite route. There are many speed cameras on this road. Most between Wielun and Piotrkow. Well also traffic jams, especially long drive through Wielun. And it should be noted that in Belchatow we can lose 20 minutes at only one traffic light.

The capital section of the S8 should be ready in December 2015, but probably it will take much longer.

2nd option:Warsaw - Poddebice - Sieradz - Walichnowy - Wroclaw

We start the route from the A2 highway toward Wroclaw. After driving 150 km we exit at the interchange near Wartkowice and head to Wroclaw by Walichnowy. Recently, drivers are passing a new 105 km expressway from town Walichnowy to Wroclaw. Lately S8 route was extended to 45 km - section from the town Walichnowy to Sycow. With the open fragment of the S8 expressway we can get to Wroclaw faster than we used to before. We pay highway tolls in amount of 4 zł (from Strykow to Poddebice). Be careful on the section A2 to Poddebica - unmarked police cars with mobile speed cameras.

This seems to be fastest route now - less than 4 hours.

Warsaw to Wroclaw Route: Link to Google map

Just don't go through Lodz - big traffic over there.

After they complete S8 and A1 (2017?) all the route will get through fast roads, and it take 3 hours or less to drive from Warsaw to Wroclaw.
kpc21 1 | 763
7 Nov 2014 #3
"We start the route from the A2 highway toward Wroclaw."
Poznań, not Wrocław.

"After they complete S8 and A1 (2017?)"
Should be ready in the second half of 2016, probably August. And I wouldn't expect delays, there've already enough of them on the construction of Eastern Bypass of £ódź.

The second option is definitely the best. If you drive at time that there is no traffic jams in cities (weekend or night), you may go through £ódź, I think it would be faster then. But at mornings and afternoons - absolutely avoid the city. And the prices at the section of A2 between £ódź and Konin (the section between Warsaw and £ódź is still free of charge) are very affordable. Of course, you follow A2 to Poddębice only.
3 Nov 2016 #4
Has anyone travelled Warsaw to Wroclaw since they finished the S8? Google maps is telling me the route is 3.5 hours but Sygic states the same route is 4.5 hours...
3 Nov 2016 #5
It is indeed 3,5 hours more or less.
3 Nov 2016 #6
Warsaw to Wrocław (from centre to centre) : Aleje Jerozolimskie (DK7) > S2 > A2 > A1 > S8 > A8 > S5 > DK5 > Żmigrodzka > Bałtycka > Pomorska : about 3h30, more during rush hours, especially to and from motorway to centre.

Meanwhile, 3h31 to 4h by "Ekspres Intercity Premium" (Pendolino), the Polish "TGV" LOL, with premium overpriced ticket of course LOL, and when there isn't a delay (huge some times) because of signals doesn't working, per ex.

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