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Rock/Metal Bars in the Tri City / Gdansk area and Warsaw?

LCJ 1 | 1
12 Jun 2010 #1
Hi, I am travelling to Gdansk this week for one week. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good rock music or metal bars in the tri city area?

Many thanks
frd 7 | 1,401
12 Jun 2010 #2
I'd suggest going to Underground Rock Pub in Gdansk, I've been there once and they were playing The Doors all night, there's a lack of such pubs in Silesia ;)

here's the address:
ul. Podmurna 2
80-835 Gdańsk
it's in the old city section ; o

On this site you'll see a google map with it's location:,4012,underground-rock-pub-miejsce.html
OP LCJ 1 | 1
12 Jun 2010 #3
thanks so much thats great!
i want to avoid tourist traps and europop lol, im a rocker at heart ;)
Nieznajomy - | 11
12 Jun 2010 #4
Ucho in Gdynia has a lot of punk, metal and rock shows, check their lineup at Walking distance from the main Gdynia rail station, there's a map on the site. Not strictly Gdańsk, but the 3-cities are well-connected with one another,
alantu - | 3
12 Jun 2010 #5
You have to visi "Absinthe" Bar, for sure you will love there :)
scottie1113 7 | 898
14 Jun 2010 #6
What he said. Absinthe is the best pub in the troj-miasto!
master shake 1 | 7
17 Sep 2010 #7
Merged: What's a good hard rock / heavy metal themed bar in Warsaw?

I was in Jazz/Rock Club in Krakow last Sat night and loved it. Great music (tool, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana) and a cool, relaxed atmosphere. I haven't found any good bars like this in Warsaw. Rock Cafe is stuffy, overpriced and full of foreigners.

Any Ideas?
Looker - | 1,134
3 Jan 2015 #8
If you didn't like Rock Cafe - maybe try Rock'n Roll Cafe in Warsaw ;)

Happy hours - draft beer 0,5l for 6zl (daily), jack daniels 50ml 12zl every saturday.

Great time to travel there? July 25, 2015 - AC/DC live in Warsaw!

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