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Praga, Warsaw - looking for some hippish cafes

dcchris 8 | 432
2 Nov 2008 #1
I know there is a street in praga, warsaw with some hippish cafes. I was over there yesterday looking around but couldnt come across it and everything was closed anyways. Does anybody know where it is? I read about it in a magazine but cant remember which one.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
2 Nov 2008 #2 and
However I am living in Bielany on the normal/safe side of the river.
Hopefully you have a good life insurance going out there :)
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
2 Nov 2008 #3
Hopefully you have a good life insurance going out there :)

Is it really that bad? Not been yet, but got the impression that Praga was kind of like Shoreditch / Hoxton in London (my stomping ground) or Kreuzberg in Berlin. Am I off the mark there?
gtd 3 | 639
2 Nov 2008 #4
Nonsense...that is an urban myth perpetuated to this day. Maybe years and years ago it was rougher. Today it is like anyplace else here.
Explorer - | 3
12 Jun 2010 #5
Merged: Warsaw Praga Nightlife?

I'll be traveling to Warsaw for a week later this month. I've read in most places that Praga is to be avoided. But, I've read elsewhere that Praga has an emerging club scene. Would you recommend that a single American check out the nightlife in Praga? (I'll be traveling alone on business, but I'm a big boy (6'5"/1.96m, large framed) that can take care of myself.)

rychlik 41 | 373
12 Jun 2010 #6
The more commercialized parts of Praga are fine. But avoid the unsafe areas.
Explorer - | 3
12 Jun 2010 #7
I suppose I should just trust my instincts as to the unsafe areas?
richasis 1 | 420
12 Jun 2010 #8
Sometimes I don't even trust myself :)
jonni 16 | 2,485
12 Jun 2010 #9
Praga is fine; thousands of people live there and the centre is safe but boring - none of the places you are likely to go to are down deserted dark alleyways.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
12 Jun 2010 #10
I've read in most places that Praga is to be avoided. But, I've read elsewhere that Praga has an emerging club scene.

Both statements are true. Check it out. But take a taxi, it's cheap.

You shouldn't walk around in Praga at night if you don't know the place, and know what kind of people you are likely to find where.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
12 Jun 2010 #11
I'd agree with Szwed's statement. It's like most places, the less you know about it the more careful you should be. Praga has theatres and clubs but it helps if you know where you are and where you are going.

Try a "Warsaw in your Pocket" (if they exist).

Oh, don't forget, big boys are as prone to knives and bottles as little boys.
Explorer - | 3
12 Jun 2010 #12
Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate your help!
3 Sep 2014 #13
Merged: Inputs/Suggestion regarding staying in Praga Polnoc area

Hello friends,
My name is Pranav, i'll be studying at Academia Leona Kozminskiego.
I am planning to stay near the university (near Nova Praga or Warsaw Zoo)
Alot of people have given bad reviews about the area stating that it is to dangerous.
Is it really a dangerous place for a group of students to live there?
What worse can happen there?
( i usually stay at home during night time)
jon357 71 | 20,031
3 Sep 2014 #15
I'm not from this area, but it seems Praga Polnoc is not more unsafe now than other Warsaw places at night.

Praga Północ covers a huge area and there are only a few streets that are dodgy (and those are improving).

The area nearest the zoo is OK, however the Nowa Praga osiedle by the rondo can be a bit rough and ready.

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