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World youth day - Częstochowa, Poland

Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
5 Aug 2016 #31
If I'd been at the world youth day and a person who is biologically female had wanted to use the toilet cubicle next to me, that would have been fine with me.

OK Harry, you surely must be concerned about the same thing that President Obama once was ...

dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
5 Aug 2016 #32
"Perhaps an unmarried man who wears a dress"

Arabs wear robes, Arab males also hold hands, whats wrong with that?
Lenka 5 | 3,403
5 Aug 2016 #33
I wonder how many priests will follow the Pope's words about taking money for weddings/funerals e.t.c. When I still attended church that was one of the things that really annoyed me and from conversations with many ppl I know that gridinnes in such situations of some priests really angers them (the head priest in my parish was one of that type). There are of course also priests that sacrifice themselfs in any situation for the good of the parishioners but they are not the norm in my area. I wonder how you'd solve the situation. Fixed rates? Take as much as someone offers (ppl can be tight-fisted even if they have money)? Completely free? The Pope said that it's the priest's responsibility to perform wedding/funeral even if ppl cannot pay a penny...
Lyzko 45 | 9,287
5 Aug 2016 #34
Probably relatively few, Lenko, as there are sadly more "Sunday Hypocrites" out there, than truly SPIRITUAL Christians:-)

At least here in the States, how often have I heard 'I didn't come to Church to be hassled!'

My answer: If not in Church, not at home, surely not in school, at work, where then?

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