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Water parks / theme-amusement parks in Poland

29 May 2011 #1
I will be going to Lodz, Zakopane, Krakow. Are there any waterparks (like swimming with slides etc..) near these areas? Which are the best (most attractions)?

quatr0 1 | 7
29 May 2011 #2
The biggest aquapark in Europe is in Kraków :) (I guess it's the biggest)

Here is a link:

There are 6 outdoor slides
pawian 224 | 24576
29 May 2011 #3
The biggest aquapark in Europe is in Kraków :) (I guess it's the biggest)

It certainly was when they built it a few years ago.

Now I am not so sure.
Wroclaw 44 | 5366
29 May 2011 #4
Now I am not so sure.

tropical islands, berlin might be the biggest.
29 May 2011 #5
Thanks for the info. Is the one in Krakow outdoors? in the photos they show only indoors
pawian 224 | 24576
30 May 2011 #6
Because it is only indoors.
30 May 2011 #7
Any that are outdoors?
quatr0 1 | 7
30 May 2011 #8
Outdoors are just 6 slides. Anyway it's amazing.
Happymeal 7 | 35
31 May 2011 #9
I believe there is a water park close to zakopane, I saw the signs for it when I was there. Then again it might have been in Slovakia, which is not that far away.
quatr0 1 | 7
31 May 2011 #10
I was in Sloviaka's one and it's outdoors waterpark but I didn't enjoy it even it's so close to the Zakopane.
ufo973 10 | 88
25 Aug 2014 #11
Merged: Why there is no theme / amusement parks in Poland?

There is not even 1 theme/amusement park in whole Poland? The reason?

Nowadays even poorest countries have 1 or 2 in each city.
Roger5 1 | 1443
25 Aug 2014 #12
There are travelling funfairs with a dozen or so rides. One came to our town earlier in the summer. It was run by Czechs who seemed to be in the terminal stages of chronic alcoholism. There were bare wires all over the place, and the rides were lousy. I guess Poland is waiting for an entrepreneur to risk 100m in a permant site. The Tri-city area could be a good place for one.
smurf 39 | 1951
25 Aug 2014 #13
There's one in Katowice.

But it's crap.......well, it's for kids really.

Are you searching for the proper words in Polish?

Here's another one in Krakow

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