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Travel from Warsaw to Białowieża Primaeval Forest in Poland

18 Apr 2012 #1
We are having difficulty finding clear information on how to get from Warsaw to Bialowieza. Our hotel is near the Central Train Station. Warsaw's PolskiBus stop to Bialystok is at Dworzec Autobusowy Metro Wilanowska stanowisko 14. Is this anywhere near the Central Train Station? Cannot find a train from Warsaw to either Bialystok or Hajnowka. And, if we could get to either Bialystok or Hajnowka, we are unable to find information on how to get from there to Bialowieza. Help? Thanks!
Richfilth 6 | 415
18 Apr 2012 #2
Unfortunately, Metro Wilanowska for the Polski Bus isn't near Dworzec Centralny, but it's not too hard to find a bus, tram or even metro to take you there. The Warsaw transport page is

As for trains, there is a regular, almost hourly direct service to Bialystok, and it takes just under 3 hours. You can get to Hajnowka by train as well, but you have to change in a town called Siedlce. All this info is available on the Polish Train Service website:

Once you're in either town, I'm sure you'll find info on local buses, or even taxis depending on your budget.
18 Apr 2012 #3
There's a regular bus service from Warszawa to Białowieża by Veolia (departure at 14:30 at PKS Warszawa Zachodnia, arrival in Bialowieża at 19:20).

internet site:,59,61.html

If you like nature - Puszcza Bialowieska in Poland

Białowieża Primaeval Forest, known as Belaveskaya Pushcha (Белавеская пушча) or Belovezhskaya Pushcha in Belarus and Puszcza Białowieska in Poland, is an ancient woodland straddling the border between Belarus and Poland, located 70 km north of Brest. It is the only remaining part of the immense forest which once spread across the European Plain.

I went to Bialowieza a couple of years ago with my wife and I loved it. Magnificent place. We're going back again this year.

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