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Anyone used childcare available in hotels in Poland?

kskasia 5 | 4
17 Aug 2010 #1
I am traveling to Poland and will be traveling with a 3 years old girl.
I am thinking in the city of Krakow when I stay at a hotel to take advantage of the babysitting they have available for a fee so I can explore some jazz clubs in the evening with my fellow travelers. Has anyone used them and if so where they good/ where you satisfied?

pesadilla - | 1
18 Nov 2012 #2
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hi all,
im planning to visit my girlfriend at poland next week.We are looking for hotel for 1 week but couldnt succeded yet.Im planning to be there between 23/11-2012 - 30/11/2012.

We will travel with kids(younger one 1,older one 3) Can you advise us any hotels min 3 starts(breakfast and dinner includes) sucha spa theme maybe but the most important there must be 'Child care(Nanny) Service'?

My gf is living in Opole and it should be in 150-200 km max for transport with kids.
Do you have any place you can advise me for 1 week stay and where we can hire a babysitter?
Im open to any ideas.

thanks a lot from now!
Looker - | 1,096
30 Oct 2014 #3
The nearest hotel I've found that corresponds to presented needs would be Hotel Vestina in Wisła.

The hotel staff will provide assistance in organizing:
- professional nannies
- animation programs for children of all ages
- sport and recreation programs for older children
- the purchase of cosmetic products for children, porridges, juices, etc.
So it seems that they don't hire their own nannies, and just help only with 'organizing' them. Very few hotels with baby care in Poland.

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