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Only in Poland - about unique things and customs

McCoy 27 | 1,276
24 Jan 2010  #1
show and tell about unique things ( culture, nature, architecture, customs, food etc. ) you can find only in Poland.

lets start with one and only european Museum of Bells and Pipes in

Elbląg Canal

is a canal in Poland, in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, 80.5 km in length, which runs southward from Lake Drużno (connected by the river Elbląg to the Vistula Lagoon), to the river Drwęca and lake Jeziorak. It can accommodate small vessels up to 50 tons displacement. The difference in water levels approaches 100 m, and is overcome using locks and a remarkable system of tracks between lakes.

Today it is used mainly for recreational purposes. It is considered one of the most significant monuments related to the history of technology and was listed by Unesco as a memorial to world culture inheritances.




Wroclaw 44 | 5,389
24 Jan 2010  #2
post number two.

the tree in front of the main entrance may seem like a one off. it isn't. the refusal to cut down certain trees... to my mind is idiotic.
24 Jan 2010  #3
Ws it Disraeli who said that Poland is not a nation but a state of mind?
Ogorki - | 115
25 Jan 2010  #4
New Year's Eve in Zakopane
Varsovian 92 | 634
22 Jun 2010  #5
[Moved from]: Life in Poland has priceless moments! (peasant collecting potato beetles, Chopin

I just love Poland sometimes - in between working on my computer I've been watching a peasant collecting potato beetles from his field - then just a minute ago 2 storks flew overhead at the same time as my daughter started playing a piece by Chopin on the piano.


You can't get that in England. And not because of the lack of the stripey bugs!
frd 7 | 1,399
22 Jun 2010  #6
How can't you get that in England? Have they burnt all the pianos? I'm pretty sure classical music sounds the same everywhere and has the same nice vibe to it if listened too with a picturesque view in the background..
pawian 157 | 9,053
27 Jun 2013  #7
Merged: Unique Polish customs

This traditional dance with holy pictures goes back to Middle Ages. Performed only in the Kashubian region in northern Poland. Intriguing, I admit, but that has been their long standing tradition which they are proud of.

Really unusual.

Sunny Girl 1 | 17
14 Jul 2013  #8
Hahaha part of the first video was in the Polish news on TV. I thought they showed it because the picture was distroyed by dancing people who kidnapped the picture and wanted to do funny things with it. So I thought people were offended when they saw it :)
pawian 157 | 9,053
23 Jul 2013  #9
That`s how urban legends are created.

Puck, seaside pilgrimage of fishermen:
The song is in Kashubian:

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