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Travelling solo to Poland - things to see and do - Euro 2012

LiloMan 1 | 7
20 May 2012  #1
Dobry wieczór,

Travelling solo round Poland and Ukraine, any advice or things to see/do?

Will be in Kraków, Poznań, Warsaw and Gdańsk for the football.

wawa_marek 1 | 129
20 May 2012  #2
How are you traveling? By plane, train?
OP LiloMan 1 | 7
20 May 2012  #3
I have an 8 day unlimited rail pass. I forgot to mention, that between Warsaw and Gdańsk there is a small matter of the Ukraine.

I was in Poland 2 years ago, and the only thing I really saw was Auschwitz so obviously there is more to see and do.

2-3 days in all places, travelling included in places
pawian 159 | 9,491
20 May 2012  #4

Old Towns of the mentioned cities are full of attractions:






wawa_marek 1 | 129
20 May 2012  #5
Ukraine is a bit different, but also interesting. I've been there many times (even at black sea coast), mostly by car - what is risky. Ask locals - they are very helpful.
Skrymcz - | 30
30 May 2012  #6
Avoid being black or Jewish.
hypertyper 2 | 11
30 May 2012  #7
Why? whats wrong with being black and jewish?
Skrymcz - | 30
30 May 2012  #8
Former England captain Sol Campbell told BBC Panorama's Chris Rogers that he fears for the safety of football fans travelling to Euro 2012.

Mr Campbell questioned the decision of Uefa, European football's governing body, to award the tournament to joint hosts Ukraine and Poland after seeing footage taken by the programme that shows racist and anti-Semitic chanting in the terraces and an attack on a group of Asian students that took place in Ukraine.

spamator12 - | 1
30 May 2012  #9
Skrymcz was just sarcasm :) Poland is a beautiful country and Ukraine is too. I will be fun belive me! BTW if you need any euro tickets do not hesitate to contact me.
waelpro - | 8
30 May 2012  #10
English football team say!!!
to all people not to go to Poland for the euro 2012 coz they don't like black and they don't how to behave!!!!
same like your comment about some one that you will nerve and be able to be like him,ask your self if you can be invited any where?sure no coz!!!!!

you guy need more years and time to be in EU
airapps - | 1
2 Jun 2012  #11
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guide4you - | 1
2 Jun 2012  #12
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OP LiloMan 1 | 7
5 Jun 2012  #13
Is there a bus that goes to Szymbark (upside down house) from Gdansk, and are they frequent? Will either be a Saturday or Sunday when I want to go

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