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Train Routes - from Poland to Slovakia

james_warszawa 5 | 9
30 Apr 2010 #1
Hey all,

I'm wanting to set off travelling again next week and I have been looking into getting a train to Slovakia. However, the routes are somewhat cumbersome.

To get into Slovakia, the train routes (according to PKP) go all the way around the country into either Czech or Ukraine, just to get back into Slovakia.

Most trains divert west to Bohumin first, and then come into Slovakia from there. Stupid Tatry!

Does anyone know of other less well-known stops that I can go to, to get through to Slovakia a shorter and quicker way?

I heard about travelling to Muszyna, then getting transport through from there.

Which is the best way to do it?

Are there some buses that I can take to Slovakia, that are more favourable than the train?

Lukasz K - | 103
30 Apr 2010 #2
There are two passes that i know trought the Carpathians where trains cross them. One is near Muszyna (rout Nowy Sącz - Poprad), second is further east near Komańcza (route Sanok - Koszyce). But you can make it easier by bus for example.


OP james_warszawa 5 | 9
8 May 2010 #3
Hi £ukasz.

Thank you for your reply. I checked the web site for trains and the results are somewhat ambigous. There are 3 stops apparently in Muszyna. "Muszyna", "Muszyna Zdroj" and "Muszyna Poprad". I don't know which is the correct one to choose.

Also, a bus sounds like a great alternative. Would that be a bus going from Muszyna or Nowy Sącz?

How long is it likely to take, and how much does it roughly cost? Oh, and do you have some bus companies and their contact numbers, as I would like to pre-book if possible.

Dzięki bardzo.
motylek 2 | 15
22 May 2010 #4
I would recommend taking the overnight train directly from Warszawa Centralna to Bratislava.
11 Sep 2011 #5
Are there any public transport routes still operating between Eastern Slovakia and South Eastern Poland? None are shown in the Summer 2011 Thomas Cook European timetable.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
11 Sep 2011 #6
No, nothing. You'll have to go almost certainly via Cieszyn/Cesky Tesin.
gumishu 13 | 6,064
11 Sep 2011 #7

historically in communist times there were no such services - and actually there is only one such railroad line that links Eastern Slovakia with that southeasterly corner of Poland - I have no idea if because being not used it's fallen in complete disrepair but I doubt there is any service between the two countries on the line -

- the areas in question are only sparsely inhabited so appart so no everyday traffic makes sense - I have looked the line up and it seems there are passenger trains on the line crossing the international borders only in July and August (school vacation time) - still the Zagórz-£upków-Medzilaborce line can be put out of service altogether when a bridge over Poprad river that was destroyed in the flood of 2010 is finally repaired (now all of the cargo traffic from Poland to eastern Slovakia is directed through Zagórz-£upków-Medzilaborce)

unfortunately the wikipedia entry on the railroad line in question is only in Polish
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Sep 2011 #8
The lack of routes is tragic. I wanted to go to Zilina from Gliwice, a simple route on a map, but not a sausage. It's in dire need of improvement.
19 Jan 2012 #9
Merged: Krakow to Bratislava train, how to book?

I am looking to take an overnight train from Krakow to Bratislava but have not been able to find a way to book it online. I am currently living in France. Is there a way to book in advance or would I have to book at the station? how much is the ticket? Any info is extremely appreciated thanks!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
19 Jan 2012 #10
You can't book it directly from the train companies online - but you can use the highly recommend PolRail service - I've got no connection to them, except as a very satisified customer - they're able to book all sorts of things, and they even tried to book a Serbian Motorail train for me!

You'll pay a bit extra through them, but - they are very, very professional.
19 Jan 2012 #11
I am also considering going fromg krakow to Budapest or from Krakow to Prague, whichever way it would be easier/cheaper to buy. Help! thanks!
14 Apr 2012 #12

Am looking to go to Slovakia from Poland by train. How many hours ? And it direct Train ??


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