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TLK trains (IC travel in Poland)

sobieski 107 | 2,128
13 Jul 2010 #1
Until now I have always travelled IC here in Poland. But TLK trains are so much cheaper and also offer 1st class. Does the difference in price justify IC? I noticed that sometimes the journey times are about the same or differ like 30 minutes.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
14 Jul 2010 #2
Does the difference in price justify IC?

It really depends. Right now, EIC makes sense because you're guaranteed air conditioning and a lack of overcrowding, whereas TLK will always have that "uh oh, what if it's rammed?" factor combined with older rolling stock. The journey is usually a bit more comfortable as well...BUT - sometimes they use EIC stock on TLK services too.

It's worth noting that you can pick up EIC tickets for peanuts if you're willing to plan ahead/take a chance.

Journey times are almost the same really, it's all about comfort. I'd say - at non peak travel times outside of summer, there's no difference.

The other thing is that EIC trains tend to to say - free from students and the lower part of society. And this is worth paying for ;)

(really, it just depends on the route, time of day and time of year)

InterRegio trains can also be worth a shout on certain routes.

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