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Do taxi drivers in Poland overcharge foreigners?

shade 7 | 20
4 Oct 2014 #1
My dear friends! I need to know that do taxi drivers in Warsaw overcharge from foreigners?
PC_Sceptic - | 70
4 Oct 2014 #2
Taxi drivers all over the world are overcharging customers, as soon they get the drift that you know little about the surroundings. (first time in the country, for example)

But that is minority, not all taxi drivers are the same. Like in everything they are always some bad apples.
When in Warsaw I usually call for taxi.
But now I use this, app for Android, I am sure there is one for iPhone.

I never had such problems in UK. The US on the other hand is infested with scammers, mainly big cities.
4 Oct 2014 #3
Technically, they may not overcharge, but can take the longer distance route so that you pay a little more ;). It's not fair, but it's common in all countries, not only in Poland.
OP shade 7 | 20
4 Oct 2014 #4
thanks a lot for your help my friends! take care and bye
Joker 2 | 2,187
5 Oct 2014 #5
Do taxi drivers in Poland overcharge foreigners?

I would say yes. The first thing he will ask is, have you been here before?

Then try to keep an eye out while he's driving, look for the same buildings, streets etc....

Taxis will rip you off especially in Europe if they know you're an American.

No need to tip over there either, taxis, bartenders, bell boys, stiff them like they do to us:)
Chris9986 - | 2
6 Oct 2014 #6
Some do!
A taxi driver charged me 45 PLN to take me to Zloty Terrace from the Old Town.(5 mintues)
Gdyniaguy14 - | 22
6 Oct 2014 #7
Taxi drivers everywhere overcharge foreigners. Just ask the driver at the front of the queue how much it will cost and then ask the 2nd driver in the queue.
jon357 69 | 18,457
6 Oct 2014 #8
Agreed, taxis everywhere do that however Warsaw isn't as bad as most capital cities. In Warsaw it's important to never, ever, use ones that just say 'taxi' on if you don't speak Polish well - and even then be careful. Only use the ones that also have a (sometimes 4 or 5 digit) phone number. ELE is one of the biggest taxi companies and is generally trustworthy - so is Volfra which I use (and they're cheaper than most).

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