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Suggestion for nightlife in Poland

abhis 1 | 2
12 Apr 2015 #1
Well guys I plan on visiting Poland, wanted to get a brief idea as to which places are a must visit, looking on good clubs and bars which state/city would cater to my trip. Also do people speak English there.

And what is the average age of people at bars n clubs.
Vincent 9 | 864 Moderator
12 Apr 2015 #2
Can you pin down the area/city that you will be visiting, to get some suggestions ?
OP abhis 1 | 2
12 Apr 2015 #3
My plans are on a very early stage as of now, just decided Poland Is where I'm going for my holidays.
We are a group of youngsters age23, was hoping for somebody to suggest me places on this forum. Prime agenda is to party till we drop. We have our share of monotonous schedule back home saved enough money for this trip.
jon357 69 | 18,457
14 Apr 2015 #4
Warsaw has the best nightlife however on the whole it isn't a 'party destination'.
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Apr 2015 #5
just decided Poland Is where I'm going for my holidays.

Why Poland? It does not seem to be a natural choice for your purposes.
14 Apr 2015 #6
just decided Poland Is where I'm going for my holidays.

You might want to revisit that decision: Poland really isn't a party country. Try Ibiza or Cyprus.
If you must come here, Warsaw has more nightlife than anyother city (apart possibly from Krakow, but a lot of the places in Krakow are filled with morons from the British Isles). In July and August Sopot might be a better bet than Warsaw.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
14 Apr 2015 #7
While i was living in Lodz, i loved to go to a club called Gossip. I also enjoyed Czekolada, although the dancefloor there was pretty hot (literally, not in a good way hahaha). Don't go to Bedroom, this club if full of disgusting old man trying to pick stupid girls, pathetic scene that no one deserve to see.

In Warsaw i can recommend Meta (nice and relaxed atmosphere) and Enklawa for the relatively cheap drinks + good music (altough there usually some old guys appear trying to pick every girl and this is ridiculous).

Just be aware that most clubs have a dress code policy and also they make door selection.

Use a nice outfit, a good perfum, dont arrive drunk neither in big groups or behaving like a moron and you will not have a problem to enter :)

(And if you are in Poland, try as many different vodkas as you can!!!! Really, it is the biggest treasure of the country).
JollyRomek 7 | 481
14 Apr 2015 #8
While i was living in Lodz

In Lodz I would recommend club Loza, Kaliska or Riff Raff. For pre-club entertainment, Off-Piotrkowska is the best place. Good restaurants serving a variety of dishes and drinks from around the globe.

However, there is no way that I could recommend Lodz over cities like Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw for a group of young men looking to party it up a bit.
OP abhis 1 | 2
14 Apr 2015 #9
Merged: help!

Hey guys I am planning on visiting Poland just needed you to answer the following questions.
1) will I find mid 20 aged girls at bars n clubs?
2)are the women easy to approach?
3)Are they pretty or hot/ worth the effort?
4) are clubs and bars pocket friendly ?

Thanks any form of help us much appreciated.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
14 Apr 2015 #10
"1) will I find mid 20 aged girls at bars n clubs?"


"2)are the women easy to approach?"

Depends the way that you approach. In general, more difficult than girls from places like Barcelona, Goa, Casablanca or Santiago.

Dont be creepy or look like a desperate single, just be friendly, respectful and it will be ok.

"3)Are they pretty or hot/ worth the effort?"

Depends of your aesthetic standards. I Find most of them pretty average.

"4) are clubs and bars pocket friendly ? "

If you want expensive clubs, you can find. But most of them will not be expensive. Instead of select by price, most clubs that i saw select by door policy.
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Apr 2015 #11
How you stumbled upon Poland as a party destination is beyond me. While Polish girls are certainly pretty, they can be quite cold upon initial encounter, and I can't imagine that many will want to spend time with drunken horny Indian boys unless they are paid well by the hour.

Sounds like you would be much better off visiting Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Romania or Bulgaria than Poland. Like someone said above, Poland is not the party destination you are looking for. I highly recommend Durres in Albania. It has a lot more of the type of thing you are looking for, at much cheaper prices and a much more attractive setting with much better weather. Plus the food is superb, the wine is out of this world and dirt cheap, and the girls are gorgeous and friendly. No need to pay them by the hour just to have a drink with you. Lots of fun clubs that are full and keep the party going until the sun comes up. Ten times the fun for a fraction of the cost.

Like Harry said, you might want to revisit that decision. I think you are setting yourself and your friends up for a major disappointment with a big price tag.

By the way, on the list of party places of the world, £odź ranks something like 9784, right after Ouagadougou and Pyongyang.
15 Apr 2015 #12
Hi! "Ouagadougou or Pyongyang"!!!!! lol! Without joking, in a lot of African big cities, night life is very hectic. Nevertheless, Poland is not and shall never be a party place. Another sunny and pleasant place is Cyprus and with thick wallets, French Riviera. Otherwise, Berlin is very hectic too. In conclusion, nothing special in Poland and it is not even cheap.....
johnny reb 31 | 6,331
15 Apr 2015 #13
Nevertheless, Poland is not and shall never be a party place.

How do you come to such a conclusion Pigsy ?

looking on good clubs and bars

Clubs and bars that are 'hectic' mostly cator to immature uncivilized punks.
abhis ask about looking for 'good' clubs and bars to socialize with people that don't expect
to have someone stick their hands down their pants while dancing with them.
So to compare Polands night life with

a lot of African big cities, night life is very hectic.

you are right on, Poland is not African.
Patrick88 - | 2
7 Mar 2017 #14
In Warsaw I would definitely recommend the New Orleans Club. It is amazing place, much more elegant and not so overcrowded. It is a gentlemen's club, with beautiful dancers. I went there with my friends and it was incredible. They have the open bar option and as for Warsaw it was in a good price (50€ i think). The serve delicious drinks and the choice is huge. But more importantly - dancers. They are sexy, gorgeous and so talented. It was one of the best dance show I have ever seen in my life. I would definitely recommend this place for anybody who likes beautiful women and good alcohol.
DominicB - | 2,709
7 Mar 2017 #15
New Orleans Club. It is amazing place

It's a seedy overpriced low-class strip joint where you're likely to get robbed or ripped off or end up with the clap or worse. Avoid it like the plague.
jon357 69 | 18,457
7 Mar 2017 #16
and as for Warsaw it was in a good price (50€ i think)

That's a not "in a good price". It's actually a shocking price.

It sounds like a seedy clip joint and visitors should beware.
jon357 69 | 18,457
7 Mar 2017 #17
It is a gentlemen's club

Actually a strip place, run (as these places always are) by seriously dodgy people and operating in a legal grey area. There are several of them, all on the same street with people trying to tempt passers-by to enter. There are warnings elsewhere on this site from tourists who've been robbed such 'bars'.

not so overcrowded

Probably because a. the money they take from one unfortunate (and usually drunk) visitor is so much that they can turn a profit while almost empty and b. locals know to avoid such places.

Sooner or later all these places will be closed down - on the street in question, all the reputable businesses are lobbying for that.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
7 Mar 2017 #18
Indeed. One thing that almost everyone knows in Europe is that an empty strip club is a bad one. There are some out there that enjoy reasonable reputations, such as the one on Gwarna in Poznań which has a good reputation for not cheating people and for offering reasonably priced drinks.
jon357 69 | 18,457
7 Mar 2017 #19
an empty strip club is a bad one

They are almost all clip joints, especially in Eastern Europe. Avoid.

such as the one on Gwarna in Pozna

That might be a better choice. I knew that place a decade before they got strippers in. Still risky for an obvious tourist.
5 Jan 2018 #20
Hey guys my mates and i (Black British boys) are planning on visiting Poland or Romania from the UK in May 2018 just needed you to answer the following questions.

1. What city is best for Party / night life ?
2. Will we find mid 20 aged girls at bars n clubs?
3. Are the women easy to approachable?
4. Are they pretty or hot/ worth the effort?
5. Are clubs and bars pocket friendly ?
6. Which country is better ?
7. which place is comparable to IBIZA ?
8. What place is to go ?

Thanks any form of help us much appreciated
cms 9 | 1,255
5 Jan 2018 #22
1 Bucharest or in summer Mamaia. In Poland I would say Warsaw or Sopot but all the big towns are ok
2 yes
3 compared to Britain yes
4 yes
5 much cheaper than Britain. Bucharest and Warsaw can get quite pricey but if you are used to London prices don't worry
6 don't know - both at good for a trip
7 probably Nowhere - but some Croat resorts are going that way
8 your choice
6 Jan 2018 #23
Too awful.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,818
6 Jan 2018 #24
Hahaha comparable to ibiza? Nowhere in pl buddy. But praha prolly has the best nightlife now. Warsaw is legit too. Wroclaw kind of sucks theres only a handful of small clubs but thr girls that go tend to be atleast 6 7s plus. Berlin use to be great now i tend to avoid germanistan unless ive first plasted my car with armor plating
14 Mar 2018 #25
I liked Poland very much. I was in Warsaw. A few reasons:
-nice, open-minded people
-cheap, everything so cheap
-interesting places to see

I've been in neworleans on my friend stag night. I've realized that it is big difference between this and the other night clubs in Warsaw. There is a lot of dancers during the week (mostly in such clubs from sunday to friday there is just about 5 girls). The waitress are not so ridicullus as in the other clubs - nobody is pushing you to buy something, so you can have fun and in the same time feel safe.
4 Jan 2019 #27
In Mazowiecka street there are many clubs and bars. but most of them for young crowd. One of the most popular dance club in Warsaw is level 27. For sure level 27 is in the TOP 3 best clubs in Poland. it is very unique venue, you should go and try it. They have certificate of excellence from Trip adviser, I think its the only club in Poland that hold this certificate, so I assume they are welcome tourists and the service is quality. There is also a well knownTechno club called Smolna, I think it worth to try for ppl who loved Techno music.
MoOli 9 | 480
4 Jan 2019 #28
Depends what you like.We usually go to a club called "Worek Kosci" when they have any good concert.Its a small place is in the centre and near to all transportation.Only thing I don't like there is that they have no draft beer and food but they for us make some cold meat /cheese platter.There is another one I cant remember the name around the corner in the basement which also sometimes have good music.People from all age groups are there right from 20s to 70s.

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